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    error 2202

    When I try to update my files on a networked computer hard drive directory, mapped and permissions given, I get a "Map error: Unknow windows error 2,202 TnetResource::Connect: UNetAddConnection 2 failed, winerr 2202, error -1001". When I do a recylcle backup, the connection works and the update runs to completion. The networked drive and directory is accessible and the file shows as a member when using Retrospect and looking at properties, etc. Any ideas on the casue and how to fix?
  2. I have completed normal backups over the past 4 days using Restrospect 6.0.206 and they all show in the operations log. If I look in the backup report, I only see the first and last dates. This is a new problem since I have started using easy script backups. Does anyone know the casue or the fix? Thanks Ted
  3. tedr

    system state files

    I backed up 3 computers in full with backup system state turned on. After backing up, I went to restore to see if all the system, registry, etc. files were in the backup and found that they were not. In fact there is no config directory under the windows/system32 directory. What am I doing wrong or won't professional back these up since they are open files during the backup phase?
  4. tedr

    client license

    Thanks, it now works. I think I forgot to do the upgrade clients in the configuration client. (The right click on computer name wasn't obvious)
  5. tedr

    client license

    no , the 2nd computer is running windows xp pro. The 1st and 3rd computers are running windows 2000 pro.
  6. tedr

    client license

    I'm using the trial version of professional 6.0 and the overview says that 2 client licenses are included. I have 3 computers, 2 of which have 2 hard drives. When I go to backup, the program looks at the computer with program first (1HD), then goes to 2nd computer and says an additional license is required after it scans the 1st HD on it. I would have though a client license is for an entire computer, not a single hard drive on the computer. Also is the base computer considered a client? If not, why does it say additional license is required for the 2nd computer?