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    All Databased not being backed up

    Tried this, no difference. Am I loosing anything if I just select all the databases manually, granted it would be easier to select the entire server, but that doesnt appear to work. We are switching to retrospect to back up the database under the advice of a consultant. We currently back up just using SQL Scripts, but we are now a 24/7 Operation, and our ERP Program has simultaneous connections to different databases on the same SQL Server, and one transaction thru the front end of the program may change 2 databases on the server, so we need to use a backup agent now to ensure that it keeps track of all the changes on all the databases, and gets 1 "snapshot in time" if you will of all the databases together. Retrospect said it would do this, I just want to make sure that I am not loosing this functionality by selecting each database individually.
  2. jallman

    All Databased not being backed up

    Quote: I will download the update to retrospect and the driver update, and see if that makes any difference. This did not help, When I select the SQL Server as the backup source, it resolved 24 of the 42 databases this time. The script also sites at "Preparing to execute" for a good 2 minutes before it starts backing up the first database, not sure if this is normal behavior or not. When I selected each of the individual databases as the source, the script started running much sooner it seemed.
  3. jallman

    All Databased not being backed up

    Quote: Hi Just to make sure we have covered the basics: Are you running Retrospect 6.5.350 with Driver update 5.0 or higher? The retrospect server version is 6.5.336, not sure on the driver update, the file version of the rdu.rpx file is Quote: Is the SQL server local or a client? Its a client. The client version is 6.5.131 Quote: Does this happen if you manually select databases for backup? (ie is it a problem with Retrospect resolving the container?) It appears to be a problem with the container resolution. When I manually select them, it seems to work Quote: What OS and SQL version are you using? The Retrospect Server is running on Windows 2003 Server Standard The SQL Server is running on Windows 2003 Server Enterpprise, SQL 2000 Standard SP3A I will download the update to retrospect and the driver update, and see if that makes any difference.
  4. jallman

    All Databased not being backed up

    I just tried logging in as the SA account using SQL Authentication, this time it only got 8. The number of databases it resolves when the job starts appears to be random, but never all of them.
  5. jallman

    All Databased not being backed up

    Sorry it has been a while. I am back to this issue now, is still happening. Configure-Volumes shows all the databases. I have the "login as" set to the service account that SQL is running as. The SQL Server is a remove client to thte backup server, also. I just retried this, it got 15 this time. It gets a different number of them almost every time I run the backup, but never more than 20.
  6. I have just started trying to use the SQL Server Agent option. I have installed the client, and can see the SQL Containers. There are about 40 databases on the SQL Server. When I run a backup of the server, it never backs them all up. If I go into the volumes view, some of the databases show as 0KB (Which is incorrect). The first time I ran the job, 1 backed up. The second time, 2 backed up. After restarting the server, 11 of the 40 backed up. What would be causing some databases not to back up when I select the backup of the entire SQL Server?
  7. jallman

    Tape way under capacity

    I use a different set of tapes every day of the week, and am seeing this happen with all the sets. It is possible its backing up perhaps our graphics design items, however its difficult to tell what is on the the third tape, i am unaware of a way to list items on a specific tape, just on an entire backup set, which contains all 4 of the tapes.
  8. I have read thru alot of the support articles, and am wondering if anyone has run into a similar situation before I tell my boss that for some reason the third tape in our backup set is getting 40% less usage than the first 2. I understand that tape capacity is sometimes variable, but I think this case is a bit extreme. Every night, i run a regular file backup to a tape set, then I run a Transfer job which transfers the contents of disk backup sets (about 7 of them) to tape. This whole process uses 4 35/70 DLT Tapes. The first 2 both get close to 52GB on them. The third is getting 30, and then is overlapping to a 4th tape and only using about 2GB of it. Is it possible with a transfer job that it maybe has to fit the entire contents of a file backup set on 1 tape or something? Would it be better if I ran a regular backup job instead of first backing my servers up to disk and then transferring those backup sets to tape?
  9. i have been having several problems with 1 particular client for some time. It either gets scanning errors, such as below, or makes the complete backup job fail and retrospect close on the server. Then when you restart retrospect, it will no longer see this client until you restart the remote machine, or forcibly kill the retroclient.exe on the remote machine. Any sugestions would be helpful, this has been happening since day 1 with retrospect only on this particular machine. We are running retrospect server v 6 - 7/15/2003 10:51:45 PM: Copying Web (F:) on BUWEB1 T-100: TPCString: :NetImport - needed 8,192, datasize 117 T-100: TPCFolderLoc: :NetImport (m_path) - elsize 8,192, sz 117 Scanning incomplete, error -3102 (unknown)
  10. I have a few questions. 1.) Is there any way to optimize throughput to a tape drive. The DLT Tape drive that we are using is supposed to AVERAGE 477MB/Min Throughput rate, we are usually getting less than 400 when using retrospect to backup a local hard drive to the local Tape drive. There is nothing else on the SCSI bus with the exception of the robot arm. The Disks we are backing up from are UltraATA 133 IDE Drives. 2.) Is there any way to optimize the verify process when backing up from tape so it doesn't take as long or longer than the actually backup process?
  11. jallman

    Advice Please!

    1) Use a backup strategy of disk storage to later tape archival This method is not recommended. Restores will be more then a little tedious considering you'll have to perform the execution twice (once from tape to disk, second time from disk to destination). In many enviroments the restore time is critical - especially when an entire machine crashes. The goal is to get it back into production as soon as possible. Would this still be true if you do a transfer job from your disk backup set to the tape backup set? This is what we do daily since writing to our tape library is slow, and we don't seem to have problems going directly from tape to original source. All the snapshots seem to be contained in the final tape backup set.
  12. jallman

    Recycling Hard Drive Backups

    We do similair, have a tape set for each day of the week. All I do is recycle them by either recycling them under the backup sets menu, or running a recycle backup to them. As far as I know, the catalogs at that point are erased since the tape has been recycled. We have been doing it for quite some time and the catalog size hasn't been a problem, so it must.
  13. Am I the only one that has this intermittent problem? Help would certainly be appreciated
  14. Since upgrading to version 6 multiserver, we have pretty consistently been having troubles backing up our windows 2000 interal web server. It seems to freeze on scanning either the c: or f: drive of the server. You have to manually end the job, and of course all other jobs scheduled after that one are now running late. I have tried reinstalling the client on the web server, with no change in result. Our other network backed up windows 2000 servers are work fine. I have also noticed that usually the problem occurs during a recycle job, and not during normal jobs. The web server (and our other servers) are backed up over the network to a windows 2000 striped ide disk set in the retrospect server. The web server volumes and also the retrospect server volumes are all ntfs. Any help to remedy and/or troubleshoot this situation would be appreciated. I would say it happens 3 out of 4 times on a recycle backup job from the web server.
  15. Nobody has run into this? I guess maybe the answer is to use NT Backup.