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  1. GnK

    Launcher problem with XP

    Same problem here with Xp and corrupt graphics.....Retrospect still backs up as scheduled but i have to Ctrl-Alt-Del to shut it down....
  2. I am running the 6.0 Trial version.....hopefully in view to purchasing the product if i can get the bloody thing working........ 1. I can do a manual backup with no problems at all..... 2. When i try to do a Automated backup i get the error "Can't access volume Pmw on Kate's 'c' on Kate, error -1017 (insufficient permissions)" etc etc ...always the 1017 error 3. After the failed automatic backup i do a preview of the manual backup files and i get a request for a "Server Logon" and "Password" 4. I then restart Retrospect and the manual backup works fine....no logon requests... 5. Goto 2 Please help this is driving me Insane....I only have a few days left on my trial ...if i cannot get this working i will have to look elsewhere. Thanks in advance
  3. GnK

    Long idle times / no backup

    exact same problem i have with the Travan... somebody must Know what is happening?
  4. I have Retro express version 5.6.132 Backup Devices Seagate "Tapestor" 8Gb version and a Pioneer A104 DVD RW I have set retro express up for unattended backup and quit out of the program and it says would you like to Check the Backup Set? ..... I do this and it says everything is Ok... I come back in the morning and Retrospect has started but it says there is no Tape in the drive!!!!!. I remove the tape and put it back in and the backup starts. Please help.... It is driving me Nutz Stu