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    No More Roxio?

    We've been using it since it first came out for the Windows environment in the late 90's. Beat out Backup Exec for simplicity, ease of use, hands down. I backup Macs and PC to a central Windows server for disaster recovery. If a machine goes down I can take a Retrospect Restore CD and get the dead machine backup and running in n hour. It has ample tape drive support and with the extra cost of add-ins, I can be backing up and duplicating 8 different processes at once. We suffer from the occasional assert error but I bet any competitors out there probably have similar issues. It has other quirks but in general I think it has held up well. Just discovered that it does not back up empty folders during a duplicating process which I use everyday. I'll have to find a workaround. Not sure there's a better product out there which is easy to use.
  2. Every morning I follow up my backups from the night before by backing up the whole folder where the config file is stored. Simple dupe over to another pc. I also dupe over all my catalog files to this pc, then backup that all up to a thumb drive. Has saved me several times when both the config.dat and config.bak have gotten corrupted at the same time.
  3. railes

    Full Backup - Off-Site

    Can I ask here why you would not advise John to run a "Duplicate" script onto his removable hard drive, choosing the "replace all contents" option? Then he gets a mirror copy of his data, a full backup as he needs, everytime he uses the removable.
  4. I know this gets into the tricky and dangerous area of Registry tweaks but here is how I dealt with the "Out of resources" problem. It is a system problem caused by the OS Paged Pool (which handles open files) becoming overloaded. It is explained in this MS knowledge base:http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;304101 As always - if you work in the registry do a backup first! 1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK. 2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management 3. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value. 4. Type PoolUsageMaximum as the entry name, and then press ENTER. 5. Right-click PoolUsageMaximum, and then click Modify. 6. Click Decimal. 7. In the Value data box, type 60, and then click OK. then 1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK 2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management 3. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value. 4. Type PagedPoolSize as the entry name, and then press ENTER. 5. Right-click PagedPoolSize, and then click Modify. 6. Click Hexadecimal. 7. In the Value data box, type a value of FFFFFFFF, and then click OK. the second setting inreases the Kernel Memory - Paged Pool Size to its maximum amount to allow the OS to deal with a larger amount of open files on the server. These open files are stashed in Page Pool. When the Page Pool reaches a specified size the OS starts trimming out the oldest and replacing with the newest. The first setting tells the OS to start trimming at 60% of the Total Pool so the trim process stays ahead of the Paged pool usage, otherwise the pool would get starved. PLEASE NOTE: I DID THIS ON A WIN2003 64 BIT SERVER - YOU HAVE A WIN 2008 SERVER SO IT MAY NOT APPLY BUT IT MAY GIVE YOU A CLUE.
  5. railes

    -519 Errors Driving Me Crazy

    I just discovered some network settings which may help - deeply buried: Go to Configure > Clients > Select client from the pick list > Properties > Access Tab > Change... > Interface > Configure Interfaces > Edit > Advanced In that section there are a few configs that might help.
  6. When you say that a Full Scan of your 2 million files is taking 24 hours to complete, is that the actual scanning or is it the scanning plus the "matching" which RS does? When I do a normal backup of my backup set that has 1.9 million files, the scanning and matching takes a little over an hour, if I have the "match only files in the same location" turned OFF (which is the default). If I run that normal backup on the same backup set with the "match only files in the same location" turned ON, that backup will take up to 7 hours to complete. I would say 90% of that time is spent "matching". So I'm asking how you have that "match only files in the same location" parameter set. Other questions would be: Why is that server's performance so bad? hard drive speed? network bandwidth? CPU? fragmentation? That backup scanning seems abnormally slow.
  7. railes

    LTO3 to LTO4 upgrade

    Go into Device Manager and make sure the Windows driver for the tape machine is disabled. I've seen this be the cause of a slowdown before.
  8. Robin Can you tell me why the free space on Drive C is a concern? What is Retrospect doing with drive C when it runs?
  9. railes

    Retrospect 7.7 just closes

    This has happened to me a few times with this version. Never used to happen to me with version 7.6. Sometimes, I get away with removing the retro.ini file in the Program Directory. But usually I have to bring back a backup copy of Config77.dat that lives in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect. That is not a pretty thing to do because all the old scheduled scripts that are in the backed up copy of Config77.dat start running when you open up the program. I always hit that DEFER button when I do this to keep them from running and give me time to go in and reconfigure the schedules. This is why I backup that whole directory, religiously every day.
  10. I've had the same issue when I go to upgrade my clients to 7.7. Connection problems only resolved by going to the client, uninstalling 7.6 and installing 7.7 and a reboot just to be safe. ugh!
  11. railes

    Slow matching under 7.7?

    64 bit Retrospect version 7.7.208 with Driver Update and Hot Fix version Windows 2003 R2 sp2 64 bit
  12. railes

    Slow matching under 7.7?

    About 10 days ago I ran a test to determine if the matching performance in Retrospect 7.7 was tied to the number of files in the backup set. Normally I run a Recycle backup to tape on the weekend of my production data that has roughly 3 million files in it covering 2 separate production volumes. Then one day a week I run a Normal backup off of the previous weekends backup set. This time I split my backup set into 2, one for each volume, essentially cutting the number of files in each backup set in half. I've checked my operations log and I see that in the past, this Normal backup using RS 7.6 with one backup set that included about 3 million files in the single backup set took about 4 hours to run each production volume. In the backup I'm referring to now using RS 7.7 on a 64 bit server with 8 gigs of RAM, the one backup script took 7 hours to run and the other backup script took 4.75 hours to run. Most of that time was spent matching. So this RS 7.7 backup session, with each backup set only holding about 1.5 million files each took almost 4 more hours to run then an RS 7.6 backup on the same data set that used one backup set which housed about 3 million files. Something is wrong with RS 7.7.
  13. I'm seeing these errors in all my tape backups. I'm running 7.7.208 on 64 bit Windows 2003. I never saw this in 7.6. I am almost certain I had tons of these errors when I first started with 7.7 the second time (after I'd bailed back to 7.6 waiting for the mem leak fix). But then I changed this setting in the retro.ini file in the Retrospect program directory: MaxMemPercent=70 from the default which I believe is MaxMemPercent=30. I was told by Tech Support many months ago that this config controlled how much system RAM RS was allowed to take up. I'm pretty sure this reduced these Heap Validate Failed errors. Be careful with this setting. Going too high will cause the program to crash with memory assert error.
  14. We have the Advanced Tape license and it is great. I have an older AIT 3 Tape and an LTO 3 tape on our server amd both get written to with no degradation. Be sure to get either an additional scsi card for the new device or get a 2 channel scsi card to handle both.
  15. railes

    Can't run as specified user

    This happens to me if the network account I am using to run Retrospect has over run its time limit on its password. I then have to re-enable the account by updating its password through a password changing program we use. May have to get your sys admin involved.
  16. railes

    Cannot add tape to backup set

    Have you disabled the Sony Tape drive in Windows device manager? That allows the Retrospect driver to have complete control of the drive.
  17. How about replacing the Config77.dat file in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect with a backup? You may be able to use Config77.bak but that might be corrupt also. The other day, Retrospect was crashing every time I went into change a script. Wasn't polite - it seized up the whole server, forcing a hard restart 3x. I finally replaced Config77.dat from a backup 2 days prior and that fixed it.
  18. railes

    Slow matching under 7.7?

    I've been experiencing very long matching times for the past few months when doing Normal backups. I am backing up a data set that contains over 3 million files over 2 volumes. I split my backups into 2 scripts, each script backups up one volume, roughly 1.5 million files each (using the same catalog). One script takes about 9 hours to complete, the other takes about 5 hours, with the primary time consumer being the matching. You can see this at the end of the log because RS tell you how long the script was running in idle mode that includes the "matching" time. Usually the time actually writing to tape is below an hour for the script that takes 9 hours to complete. Not sure the reason for the discrepency. These volumes house large graphic files and tiny font files because we are in the printing business. Maybe one volume has more fonts. who knows. My assumption for the long matching time is that Retrospect has to build a table that has 3 million files on one side and 1.5 million on the other and than compare. That's a database function and either it does not do it well or there's a physical limitation I am hitting with such large data sets. I was hoping that combining the new RS 64 bit program on a Windows 2003 64 bit server would speed up my matching time, but it hasn't. It even seems to have made it worse. I'm thinking I have to move on to a more robust backup program that can handle this large number of files.
  19. railes

    Anybody 7.7 -> 7.6

    I did drop back to 7.6 Multi Server. I backup 3.5 TB of data every weekend which takes about 24 hours. So when I switched up to 7.7 my long backups started crapping out towards the back end - logical for a memory leak. This did not happen every time - I thought the problems were stemming from the extra large data set I was backing up and an under powered server. So I continued using 7.7 for a few weeks until I came to the forum here and saw the memory leak issue that was then confirmed by an EMC tech. Since the tech told me about 10 days ago there was no ETA for a fix, I decided to drop back. Not easy to do since the 7.7 catalogs are not backwards compatible. Which means when my tape rotation brought me back a 7.7 tape set, since I had 7.6, the older program would NOT allow me to erase or work with the 7.7 tapes. When I tried to erase the tape, Retrospect would ask for a catalog and I would point it to the 7.7 catalog and it would tell me that it was not the correct catalog. So I could not erase my tapes to reuse them. Luckily I had HP Tape Tools utility which allowed me to erase a tape once it was loaded in my LTO3 drive. This past weekend I had to erase 6 tapes manually, one by one, loading them in Retrospect and then erasing them with HPTT. So dealing with with the 7.7. catalogs in 7.6 has been painful. But at least I am getting full backups out the door. Even though there is a patch coming, I will wait a week after that arrives to see if that comes to us bug free before going back to 7.7
  20. Better read up on the memory leak you're about to encounter. Its a current topic in this forum. If you do lots of very long backups, 7.7 will cash a lot. probably can avoid that by quitting the program a few times per day and restarting rich a
  21. railes

    7.7.203 memory leak?

    After experiencing numerous assert crashes plus LTO tapes that were not being fully utilized (filling up on 350 gigs of data instead of the normal 700 gigs), and after finding out from an EMC tech that there was no ETA for a patch, I decided to go back to Multi-Server 7.6. All backups returned to normal - no crashes. However be forwarned! All your catalogs from 7.7 are unreadable or unusable in 7.6. This includes the backups to file options also. I spent the weekend dealing with that unpleasant surprise.
  22. Two things you may want to check on: 1- My LTO-3 vendor told me that LTO devices rarely need to be cleaned. I have had a HP Ultrium 3 device for 3 years and it has given me perfect service and I have never applied a tape cleaner to it. You might be doing some damage to the tape heads by cleaning it so much. 2- Check your MaximumSGList registry setting which governs maximum transfer block size. Windows defaults to 64k, and your setting probably should be set at 256k. Go here: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/28212/post/112080/hl/MaximumSGList/fromsearch/1/#112080 or here: http://searchoracle.techtarget.com/generic/0,295582,sid41_gci1049896,00.html for info on that setting. The Dantz forum info, I believe is inaccurate on the value of the setting, but both URL's are accurate on the reg location. I am also dealing with a speed drop off issue with my LTO3 and Retrospect Server 7.6.123 (RDU of about 30%. After extensive testing I'm thinking the slow down my be the result of the newest EMC upgrade which I applied a few weeks ago but I can't be sure. So that is a 3rd possibility for your slowdown.
  23. I'm backing up a 300 gig data set using RMS 6 with the latest driver update on a Win2K server running sp3. I use AIT-3 tapes and a Spectralogic tape library (from Cybernetics). For the past several weeks I would arrive in the morning to find my backup stalled about halfway thru the backup of this data set. I can press the STOP button and nothing happens. I can access logs but they tell me only when the backup of the current volume was started (usually serveral hours beforehand). My only recourse is to get to Task Manager and end Retrospect from the Process or Application tab. It seems that this is occuring when the application goes to the loader for another tape. I've noticed other folks in the forum who seem to be having similar problems (telltale sign is Retrospect just hangs with no event posted in the log). Is there something going on with the version 6 product?