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  1. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    thanks Lennart, Do you think that the 3.1 GB of files that were copied are cataloged anywhere as having been backed up? I'm just trying to figure out if I can ignore the error when there are in fact files beingn copied. I'll probably have to do a test and see what's getting backed up and what's possible to restore. Could it be that an entire disk (ie snapshot) wouldn't restore properly, but search results for specific files/folders would be found and be possible to restore? thanks
  2. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    Last clue: The retrospect Sources window shows the disk in question as never having been backed up. I'm not sure what the 3.1 GB of files was. Now, I'm more confused that I was before. ?
  3. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    If it helps, this is the whole log from this one disk: - 10/12/18 2:30:49 AM: Copying Kåres Disk > !Can't read state information, error -1101 ( file/directory not found) 10/12/18 2:33:14 AM: Execution incomplete Completed: 267 files, 3.1 GB Performance: 1,873.1 MB/minute Duration: 00:02:24 (00:00:40 idle/loading/preparing) So, it looks like it backed up 3.1 GB of files. In the log for the other disks, the second text line states "snapshot stored" ; an example: 10/12/18 1:49:06 AM: Snapshot stored, 9.1 MB Since this is missing on this disk that has the error, could the problem be the catalog?
  4. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    Thanks for all the tips! I haven't figured it out, but I did get a different error this morning in the log: > !Can't read state information, error -1101 ( file/directory not found) Is this the same error?
  5. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    BTW, does the latest Retrospect version help with these problems?
  6. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    Hi Lennart! thanks for the fast reply. The disks are mounted using SANmp which is a shared SAN front end (mounted Read Only). It's made by Studio Network Solutions and has been running great for over 10 years with this setup. It's just this one disk now seems to be seen in Retrospect, but when it comes to backing it up, it says that the disk can't be found. Is there a way to trick the program to see the drive? BTW, I have about 12 other disks mounted this exact way (Read Only) and they are all working perfectly with Retrospect. It's just the one. Would Disk Warrior be an option to try? Again, thanks!
  7. Suddenly I'm getting this error on a disk that has never had problems before. The disk is seen by Retrospect and it shows up as ready for a scheduled backup, but when a script runs to back it up, OR I try to do a manual backup of this disk, I get this error. I can't figure it out. Anybody have this happen before? Thanks in advance.
  8. I had an LTO-5 drive sheer off the leader pin so it's definitely gone. There might also be some damage to the tape itself but I'll try to re-pin it. I was mostly concerned about how much leader retrospect or the drive puts on a tape before writing data. Anyone know? Thanks
  9. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if it works to repair a leader pin on an LTO-5 tape and still have it readable by Retrospect? The leader pin repair kit states that the first meter of tape is just leader. If I cut off a few centimeters of tape at the end, will I cut off data? Could there be internal damage to the cartridge that I can't see? thanks mike
  10. Hello, I have a catalog sets that are upwards of close to 5gigs. Is there any danger in that? I have three quite large backup sets that are basically switched back and forth all week long so that there are always three sets of data. But I haven't been paying attention to the size of the catalog files until now. Is there any danger in letting them get this big? I should probably make them smaller simply to make searching for retrieval a lot faster, but then when I make a new set it will burn through about 5TB o the first backup. Are there any common practices that are smart in this situation? Thanks! Mike
  11. Now I'm not sure. I will look into it tomorrow.
  12. Hello, When trying to rebuild a v6 catalog in the v8 program, Retrospect v8 sees the AIT-2 tape drive but when I put in a tape, the Device window shows that the tape drive is still empty. Any ideas why this would be like this? On this one machine that I use for backups, I have connected at the same time an Exabyte Mammoth LT, a Sony AIT-2 drive and a HP LTO-5. Is that I have too many storage devices connected and I am only allowed to have one with the single license I have? OR is there some other reason why it wouldn't read a header from a v6 tape? I thought I read somewhere that v8 should be able to recatalog a v6 storage set. Maybe I'm wrong here. Any thoughts? Thanks mike
  13. I'm glad it worked too! Thanks again for your help. mike
  14. It took about three hours of the disk utility repairing permissions but it now seems as if it is fixed! Thanks Lennart! mike