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  1. Hello again David, Thanks for the legwork on my behalf! I do live in Oslo, Norway. I'll try to find a EU sales rep, and if not I'll probably end up looking up Ian. Strangely, I just checked past backups and a script ran two nights in a row now, completely unexpected. What's worse than it not working is that it sometimes works and I never know when.
  2. Hi David, I think that I decided to stay where I was because it was working pretty flawlessly this whole time. And way back when, when this current setup came to be, it took a considerable effort to finally get it running stably. I think this was back when Retrospect was owned by a different company. Anyways, as I mentioned previously, my current Retrospect machine has been running for about 8 years or more. The Mac Pro is a 1,1 model and the OS is OSX Snow Leopard. Can this machine be upgraded to run the newer software? Probably not. Coincidently, I do have another Mac Pro that I just decommissioned that is a 5,1 (firmware updated 4,1 machine). I would just need to make sure my ATTO express SAS PCI card will work together with it. I wouldn't say no to a fix, or a workaround or a free something to get it running again. I appreciate your effort here, thanks! FWIW, I've been using Retrospect for over 20 years, and not all eras were equally happy; hence my anxiety for upgrading. I guess I'm due. 🙂 Having said that, I can't decommission the old machine completely because I sometimes I need to restore a project from Retrospect 6 from a DAT or Exabyte tape drive. Still works but the tapes are starting to get old which worries me. Thanks again!
  3. Hi David, I didn't update. I'm still running Retrospect 8. It seems to have healed itself when it comes to the "deferred" issue; it still says deferred on all scripts, but they're actually running now. Go figure.
  4. After unfailing service for about 8 years, suddenly, all my retro 8 scheduled scripts stopped running. They all look exactly the same and the schedules are all in tact. ANY idea as to what happened and if they are permanently broken? I could try to remake them, but maybe there's a simpler solution?
  5. Thanks Mayoff, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I understand that you don't have the resources to hang out on the forums. In my case, I'm running version 8 and it seems my "deferred" problem is basically the same, but actually a lot more involved than what you're describing. I'm experiencing that all scheduled scirpts get set to deferred and then stop working altogether. Is there a patch for v8? The KB page didn't adress any versions as far back as v8.
  6. Thanks David, I’ll see about an “upgrade.” Thanks for the help.
  7. David, Thanks for the detailed email. I've tried deleting the Schedules of the scripts, but not the scripts themselves, and that didn't change anything. Scripts still don't run. Under the Activities Tab/Scheduled, there are a bunch of scheduled scripts that are all set to deferred, which seem to be stuck. You can't delete them. Is the same issue others are having? BTW, I'm on Retrospect v8. I know it's old but it's been reliable up until now. I'll have to dig deeper.
  8. Hi David, Thanks for the reply. I understand. There must be something else wrong because I can't even delete the scheduled scripts that are set as deferred. I will do as you suggest and make all new scripts and see if that helps. Thanks again!
  9. Hello Mayoff, Just wanted to chime in here because I too am suddenly experiencing the "deferred" bug. I have an older version of Retrospect v8 that has been working for years without this bug, but suddenly all my scripts get deferred and DO NOT run. I have a long list of deferred scripts in the "scheduled" window. Just checked again this morning and I confirmed that normal scripts stopped running. Any ideas on how I can get the program back to normal again?
  10. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    Hi Nigel, I've been bad at RAID erase/restore maintenance. That'll be my next thing to try. Re your question about my restore test. I was attempting to restore to a different disk. Re the question about "write exclusive" mode, not other machine on the network is authorized to mount any disk "write exclusive" except for this particular backup machine. When you setup the disks using SANmp, you use the admin program to make users and give them permissions. So, all the client SANmp programs which every machine is running, allows you to mount a disk either Read only or Read/Write, and only one machine is ever allowed to be connected Read/Write. Thanks for the help!
  11. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    Hi Lennart, SAN doesn't offer any software to repair permissions. It has a Repair mode where you mount the disk exclusive and then you can run disk warrior. When I enter repair mode and mount the disk in question, I'm using an older operating system that still has Disk Utility and the option to repair permissions, BUT that option isn't available when I run the disk. Maybe because it doesn't contain any files installed by the OS?? So, back to the option of reformatting the disk and doing a full restore. Unless there is more things to try. Thanks again!
  12. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    Hi Nigel! That's exactly correct. We mount the disk on the desktop mac that is connected to the LTO-5 which also runs Retrospect. The Retrospect logs show nothing of any specific folder or file. It has a problem with the disk itself for some reason. So no matter what backup I do, I'll get this error. As you can see below, a log from a recent backup, the error comes first. Yet, it backs up 8GB worth of files. Disk Warrior didn't help at all. It found a minor error in the directory and repaired it but Retrospect shows the same error. It looks like I have to erase the disk and restore it. Thanks for the insight and help!! - 10/20/18 2:28:41 AM: Copying Kåres Disk > !Can't read state information, error -1101 ( file/directory not found) 10/20/18 2:33:24 AM: Execution incomplete Completed: 517 files, 8 GB Performance: 2,147 MB/minute Duration: 00:04:42 (00:00:52 idle/loading/preparing)
  13. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    Hello again, I'd like to figure out how to make the disk be seen normally by Retrospect. Is there a way to redefine the disk? It's confusing because it just shows automatically and there is no removing it other than unmounting the disk. I'd sleep better if I could find a workaround to getting things to backup without errors. (Reinstall the program? Rebuild the catalog? Reformat the disk itself?) Any last thoughts? Lennart, you're always a big help. Thank you! It had to be said. ?
  14. oslomike

    Can't access volume Error -1102

    So, I went to restore files and folders I was able to select the disk but it had a "yellow exclamation sign" on the disk. I was able to see my test folder was there. So I guess it's getting backed up but the application is showing misleading information and probably isn't doing something correctly. At least I feel a bit better now. I only wish I could get to be totally back to normal. Thanks Lennart!! BTW, Does it not work to search for a folder name?