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  1. The list of new features does not say that backup of case-sensitive HFS+ disks, supported by Panther Server, can yet properly back up multiple files in a directory whose names differ only by case. For example, if a directory contains files named 'foo' and 'FOO', we were warned that Retrospect 5.1 would only back up one of those files. Is this fixed? I will upgrade to Panther Server and Retrospect 6.0 if this now works; otherwise I'll save my $850. I want this feature because I could backup my Linux PPC systems to a case-sensitive HFS+ partition using rsync, then use Retrospect to backup those files, but there is no point in doing that if the bug remains.
  2. Based on my experiences, you should be mostly OK. It all hinges on whether Retrospect can figure out that it's the same disk as before. If the client has the same name and IP address, it should not matter that the client was reinstalled nor the catalogue regenerated from the backup tape. Changing the client password should not matter, either. The operating system having been reinstalled, the system files will have changed (if you back them up), so you'd be in for a few GB but not 40 GB of file updates. On the other hand, if the user reformatted the disk partition so it has a new initialization date, then Retrospect would see every file as changed, because then it would be a new disk. Renaming a disk volume might also have this effect. If the user did an Archive and Install, the old system will have been saved in the /Previous Systems folder; depending on your matching options this may cause all those files to be recopied or just a catalogue update. -- Spencer
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    PPC Linux Clients

    I am very interested in a PPC linux client. I have Retrospect Server 5.1 running on Mac OS X Server, with a service contract. It is primarily a file server for a bunch of clients running Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. I have two web servers serving web sites to the world, and they are running Debian Linux (woody) on a pair of G3/350 B&Ws, for which I am too cheap to buy additional Mac OS X Server licenses. I would really like to be able to run Retrospect Clients on those PPC Linux machines. Incremental backups would be much better than what I am doing now with huge tar files. I have found PPC support on other distributions (e.g., SuSE) to lag disappointingly behind x86 support, but not with Debian. Maintaining upgrades and security updates is alarmingly simple, too. I don't think an audience for this would be as small as this thread would lead you to suppose. -- Spencer