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  1. Alright, since I haven't gotten any responses, let's see if anyone has any ideas on this: In order to allow a new disk to be used each day, can I add 4 backup sets to one script? I.E. have the Daily Backup script write to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? When the script runs the incremental backup, it should use the backup set that's in the drive right? Will this affect the cataloging in any negative way or affect how easily I can recover files?
  2. ajohnson

    daily back-up

    Wrong forum.
  3. I'm using Retrospect 6.0 MultiServer for Windows with a FireWire hot-swap hard drive. I have 6 hot-swap drive trays available. Current Scenario: One backup set for each day of the week, with 2 backup sets for Friday (Friday A and Friday , and recycle backup every day. Very inefficient, but satisfactory until now. Desired Solution: An individual backup drive for each day with alternating Friday full backups being kept off-site. The daily Monday-Thurs backup would be incremental (normal) and use the Friday full backup as it's basis. I'd like to use a different drive for each day, so that the backup process is kept as automated as possible. I.e. I don't want to have to monitor a drive as it fills up in order to switch it out. Amazingly, how to do this seemingly simple task is eluding me right now. I have a couple of ideas on how to piece something together, but nothing I'm thinking of seems simple or elegant, so I thought I'd throw it to the community for help.
  4. ajohnson

    CPU Usage

    Windows 2k Server on both the client and backup server. 512MB/900Mhz in each.
  5. ajohnson

    CPU Usage

    I'm having problems when backing up a client, where the CPU is being pegged to 100% by the Retrospect Client process. Is this normal operation?
  6. the 160 on 80/160 tapes is usually grossly inflated, I've never been able to get 50% compression, ever. While Retro. will report using 80GB since that is the size of the tape, it should report the amount of compression in the Operations Log... is there anything there? And is the 'use software compression' box checked?
  7. Just wanted to say that the article did help, as the client in question had multiple IP addresses. I pointed Retrospect to the first one in the list, and it worked fine.
  8. Greetings, I searched for a solution, but found none, so here goes: I'm running 6.0 Multi-Server on a Win2k box. I have 4 Win2k clients attached to it currently, and I'm trying to connect to another one. However, I get "Sorry, couldn't add backup client, error -541 (backup client not installed or not running)". I'm at a bit of a loss here. I've installed multiple clients just fine, and I used pretty much the same procedure. The only thing I did differently is use the Client Installer executable from the Downloads page, since the client machine is at a remote site. The client computer is on our subnet, I'm able to ping it, and port 497 is open. Any tips?
  9. I haven't been able to find an explanation of how the open file backup works. I'm trying to sell this feature to management... is there a white paper available, or can anyone give me a run down on how it works? Adam
  10. ajohnson

    Duplicate Bandwidth Usage

    I have indeed confirmed that the data is transferred to the server first.
  11. ajohnson

    HP Autoloader

    the DAT40 is listed, but it makes not mention of the autoloader version specifically.
  12. ajohnson

    HP Autoloader

    Has anyone had any success with an HP dat40x6 autoloader? (C5717C). I'm considering purchasing it for use with Retrospect 6, but its not listed on the compatible devices list. The DAT40 is listed, just not the autoloader version of it. Adam
  13. I'm attempting to duplicate data from one client to another that are on a LAN loop, from a backup server thats 1 hop away on a T1. My question is regarding bandwidth usage: Does the data travel to the backup server first, or is it handled completely on the client side? I'm going to be setting up a test in a couple of minutes, but I thought I'd ask first in case anyone knew. Adam
  14. Is it possible for me to use multiple single tape drives in one backup server? Will Retrospect be able to recognize the separate tapes in each drive? I need to increase my backup capacity, and the only cost effective way right now is to take a tape drive from another box and put it in my backup server. Any other tips would be much appreciated as well...
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    I'm going to need to purchase Multi-Server 6.0 for my small business, but in the interim, it won't allow me to re-enter the trial version license number. I purchased and installed Single Server over the multi-server trial, and now I can't get it back to the way it was. It says the license I'm adding doesn't add any functionality. Any tips anyone? Adam