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  1. I have quite a few clients running this version of retrospect and having this problem (ie, all my clients running retrospect 5.6). Is there a proper fix (not the temporary workaround in your knowledgebase) anywhere? Also, you can provide a temporary workaround by launching retrospect, turning off autolaunch, exiting retrospect, launching and turning it back on rather than having to reboot a server.
  2. Inline

    Is retrospect 'Fragile'???

    i would agree that retrospect is fragile in a PC environment. we've had more issues with this software than we've had with any other. One which comes up again and again is the retrospect launcher service failing, requiring action. i've also had a situation where i had a disaster that completely destroyed a win2k server, upon rebuilding the server a complete system restore was attempted but was unsuccessful. It seems (in my experience) that the system restore works fine so long as you haven't had to completely reinstall the OS). In my experience with retrospect 5.x, its just too flakey as a hands-off backup solution. The interface is unclear and IMO, poorly designed. When we first started selling it, the biggest selling point was price, but with the new scheme its lost a lot of that. the IDEAS of retrospect are great, its just that it's reliability has to be worked on, and a user friendly, simple and windows standard interface needs to be implemented as well as using terminology thats familiar to windows users.
  3. I am getting error messages in the operations log file "bad backup set header found". I'd assume it means the tape is bad, but we all know about assume... where can i find an explanation of this error?
  4. the short answer is "yes". here's a quick summary: 1. system went boom 2. system was rebuilt (ie, win2k server reinstalled) and service packed 3. retrospect installed 4. tape cataloged 5. a restore of all drives was performed (including the system state and all options) 6. server rebooted into directory services restore mode so retrospect could update system files 7. server rebooted here's the problem: Windows boots ok, clients can logon to the network, logon screen is presented on the server and you can logon, but after you logon you have no interface (ie explorer.exe is not running). When trying to run explorer.exe it errors out and closes. The client was NOT using the extra disaster recovery option that doesn't come free with ver 6.
  5. I recently had the misfortune of having a single drive fail in a raid array. I removed the drive and sent it off to IBM for replacement (those 75gxe's that got a lot of good press, but now have a class action lawsuit on them...*sigh*). Upon receipt of replacement, It was added to the array and was rebuilding quite happily.. while rebuilding I heard a long beeep and returned to see win2k performing a memory dump.... the array was corrupted beyond repair, so it was time for retrospect... Server was rebuilt and service packed, retrospect was installed, backup tape cataloged and full drive restores were performed, including the system state and all relevant options. Booted into system recovery mode to let the software do its thing, then rebooted. server would boot, seemed to run, but explorer was not running on startup. attempted to start up explorer through task manager unsuccessfully. Found that drwatson was kicking in and both explorer and drwatson would end as soon as the errors were written to the log file. Checked the log file and was receiving errors regarding IIS not starting because it already existed, dll's missing for terminal services, and all manner of other problems. Time was critical, so it was time to cut losses and do a fresh server rebuild, reinstall all the applications, restore data only and try and work it all from there. Any ideas what went wrong with the restore?
  6. thats a pity, it would simplify it from a "tape swappers" point of view.
  7. I am about to do something similar. I want the backup to erase each tape prior to backing up, no matter what set it is from, contents, whatever. I want the user to do nothing but swap the tapes each day. Is this possible.
  8. I don't think anyone is going to make a dedicated partition just for the retrospect log files. Filling any harddrive that is not dedicated to the logfiles is going to cause problem for other applications no matter what. A performance hit is definitely preferable to downtime, and there are always times when the load on a server is otherwise light (ie, late sunday night, early monday morning). a safe vanilla configuration is what is needed, not one that will cause grief to your customers in most situations. If you don't want to do that, please put in a big warning so that during installation the end user knows and understands the issue before it has an impact on their servers. For me the first time i knew about the issue was when it had already caused downtime, definitely not a good thing for my clients. I hope there are no other issues that are going to raise their ugly heads
  9. Today i was checking a client's exchange server, where there was a mail store of just over 2.6 gig of a 10 gig drive. Retrospect's exchange agent threshold was set to 75% by default, so what happens? 0 bytes free on the mail servers store drive. No matter where you are from, thats NOT a good thing =) PLEASE change the criteria so that its default criteria doesn't put you in this situation, default the flushing to a day of the week, or month, or something. Having defaults which guarantee trouble later isn't very good. Thanks
  10. Inline

    Move Catalogs

    a sort of clever way of doing it BUT its not exactly how you'd expect it to work. It took me an hour of searching through the program, searching through the registry, and checking ini files, before coming to the knowledge base (which didn't help at all) and then checked the forum and found my answer. you might want to think about using a windows standard method, like putting the path in the program preferences, a registry key, or at least in an ini file for your windows versions. to be honest, this is the first time in 15 years of computing that i've come accross this method to tell a program where it's files are. other than some of the UI wierdness and strange methods of doing things (i'd assume its because of the programs origins) i think this is a great product. Unfortunately i think it is too difficult for a windows savvy user to become confident using the current interface as they have to learn a completely alien UI.
  11. Inline

    error 519

    Does the client volume ever freeze during backup? Does the failure happen on specific files each time? computer is running fine and the users report no problems accessing the volumes. Have you tried a crossover ethernet cable to help isolate the network as a cause. yes. If you insert a CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive on that computer, can Retrospect back it up without the 519 error? haven't tried that, though other volumes on the same machine backup successfully.
  12. Inline

    error 519

    continuing to try and work out this issue. I have gone through all the steps (besides reinstall the OS ;p) as mentioned in the technote and am still getting the error. The retrospect volume that the retrospect is failing to backup is a spanned volume comprising of 3 ntfs volumes. I am considering using ntbackup and copying the contents of the volume to another drive, nuking those volumes and then recreating (and hoping i don't hit the 8gig limit that was in nt4). any ideas or suggestions?
  13. I resized a local partition on the machine with backup exec installed. The partition was NTFS on a win2k server (SP2). I used partition magic 6.0 and the resizing went flawlessly. The current scripts cannot see a subvolume that was on the resized partition. Currently there are two d: drives displayed One of the d: drives displays the subvolume that was being backed up, but the subvolume folder is greyed out. To get around the problem, simply remove the old subvolume from the backup script, redefine a new volume on the "other" drive and select it for backing up.
  14. Inline

    error 519

    I have been trying to resolve a 519 error while trying to backup another server from the retrospect machine. Sometimes the backup works, sometimes not. I would like to know whether disk space on the retrospect machine could be a factor in this (thinking that maybe it transfers a snapshot to the local machine of whatever it is backing up before actually backing it up).