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    Snow Leopard Support

    A very good question! We're running Retrospect 6.1 on Leopard and would like to know if this has been tested on Snow Leopard. Regards, Phil
  2. Is it safe to delete ALL copies of Finder.dat on the windows clients, or should I just delete it from the directories that are producing errors? It would be easier to delete ALL as I have around 1200 -43 errors from the Windows clients on our network.
  3. I am having problems backing up some Windows clients from Retrospect running on a Macintosh (OS9). I am getting a lot of -43 errors returned in the log. I have read somewhere that it is down to the way that the files are recognised on a Mac (or something like that..). I was wondering if anybody had experienced this problem and found a work around? Any help appreciated.
  4. Do you mean finding the Finder.dat files on each Windows client and deleting them?
  5. Thanks for the reply Mayoff. I read the FAQ on the website too but it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me (sorry!..). You say the problem is the file finder.dat which is created by Retrospect when it backs up the files to a backup set (is this right?). If the person using the Windows client moves files without moving finder.dat (highly likely as our windows users will have no idea what a finder.dat file is) then Retrospect reports a -43 error. Is there a better solution than me going on each Windows client and putting finder.dat files back in their proper places?... Does the type of backup matter? maybe I should be using a recycle backup rather than a normal backup? yours confused, Phil