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    Release Notes For 7.7.562 Build

    Nice! Keep em' coming! My License Manager currently shows "2 used, -1 available" for my "Exchange 2003-2007 Database/Mailbox Backup". Not positive if it was that way before this update. No biggie, just cosmetic as it says. Just a fyi..
  2. Hmm, that reminds me my renewal is coming up in May of this year. I need to make a decision.. We're going to Exchange 2010 soon(ish), plus we have more systems virtualized and need to back those systems up. You've got 3 months to add those features!
  3. I've NEVER heard of that either!
  4. If Roxio isn't monitoring these forums to help gauge the current issues with their products, they are doing themselves (and their customers for that matter) a great disservice... Is the onus upon me to tell them what they should (and probably already) know!
  5. If Roxio happens to invest in this product (I say this from working for software companies for 15 years), I ask them to PLEASE fix the existing problems. I understand the "push" to add new features to make your product more competitive, but if the product is asserting %5 of time or corrupting the config file, or..., then the new features are somewhat pointless.
  6. I honestly wonder this as well. I'm still not convinced that Roxio was a "good fit" for the windows product. I'm starting to make plans to jump ship if necessary... I would hazard a guess that the large percentage of users that "does NOT have any problems" aren't using it as extensively. Or they DO have problems but have acquiesced (as I have) to the YEARS of the same unresolved issues/problems and have just got used to rebuilding ones scripts, sets and preferences on their own and not posting or calling into TS.
  7. Sure enough, the solution I found was to recycle the set, then I could bind the drive to the set. Make sure to quit the app to save the info (I totally hate that *feature*) and then don't touch the bindings again!
  8. Normally I would have, but on one of my many calls into TS, they had me enable the devices and I've been working with configuration for well over a year w/o any problems. Just for grins I disabled the devices, but now both of my LTO drives are "Not Responding" and the library doesn't show correctly.
  9. My particulars.. Multi Server 7.7.341 (32-bit) on 2003 Storage Server. I was changing the binding on one of my sets to a different tape drive (Which I haven't done in like, forever) and received the error message in my subject. This is for a "HP Ultrium Gen 3 DC" (Quantum PX502). So when I attempted to select the other drive, my original drive became deselected and now I can't select *either* of my two drive and therefore cannot backup to this set! I've restarted the app and the library to no avail. Of course creating a new backup set works fine, but don't ask me to recreate ALL my backup sets (again), I've done that PLENTY of time in my Retrospect history to resolve its "issues"... GAH!
  10. glaviolette

    Retrospect 7.7 (latest) crashing -1098

    Yeah, I'm seeing it here as well (7.7.325 w/ I called into TS, they had me use my 7.6 config file and re-serialize. Worked for a day or so.. I remember WAY back(and I said this to the TS agent) the fix was to start from scratch and recreate all your scripts. I had to do this once, never again.. -g
  11. glaviolette

    Roxio Retrospect?

    I could see how the Mac backup software would be a "good fit" for Roxio, but I'm not sure about Win Multiserver. Doesn't seem like the Roxio space.. Maybe (hopefully), I'm wrong.. -g
  12. glaviolette

    Roxio Retrospect?

    I just received a message indicating that Roxio/Sonic Solutions has purchased the Retrospect line? Greetings, As a valued Retrospect reseller, we are pleased to let you know that Sonic Solutions purchased the Retrospect backup and recovery software from EMC on May 18, 2010 and is responsible for all aspects of the Retrospect product line and business going forward. Retrospect will be part of the Roxio Division of Sonic, a leader in digital media software. Adding to our broad range of products for content creation and management capabilities for businesses and individuals, Retrospect plays a critical role in expanding the Roxio business in the backup category. We understand that backup and recovery is critical to both your business and to your customers, and the Retrospect product line significantly enhances our ability to meet these needs. Some other advantages to our partners from this change include: • Sonic has a range of consumer and corporate products for both the Mac and Windows platforms that can expand your product/solutions portfolio. • Sonic has a strong, worldwide channel distribution model and the support infrastructure to back it up. o A channel program that brings together two strong software-focused sales organizations that enables, supports and rewards resellers o Access to a software portfolio—including products for optical media burning, system and data protection, and data security—that is tailored for the SMB market segment and will help you grow your business o Fast response from a dedicated channel organization that helps close opportunities and decrease support expenses, while enhancing your business image through ongoing partnership In the coming weeks you will be hearing much more about the opportunities that this change will create for you and how we can work together to successfully grow our mutual business. During the next few weeks, please continue to place orders for Retrospect products through your normal authorized distributor network. During the transition, please use the following points of contact: U.S. Sales Phone: 1-877-204-3267 Email: retrospect_sales@emc.com Web: http://www.retrospect.com/supportupdates/service/contact/'>http://www.retrospect.com/supportupdates/service/contact/'>http://www.retrospect.com/supportupdates/service/contact/ U.S. Technical Support Phone: 1-888-777-5664 Email: retrospect_premiere_ts@emc.com Web: http://www.retrospect.com/supportupdates/service/contact/ International Sales and Support Web: http://www.retrospect.com/supportupdates/service/contact/ If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us by phone or email. Yours Truly, Matthew Johnson Director, Channel Sales matthew.johnson@roxio.com +1 925-600-5149 If so, huh..
  13. glaviolette

    VCB - care to share?

    That was my understanding as well.. http://app.connect.vmware.com/e/es.aspx?s=524&e=12880125 So where will that leave that feature in Retrospect? Any VADP integration plans for Retrospect?
  14. When I say inaccessible I mean the client is "On" and "Ready", however the backup server (Proactive Script) cannot see client, even though it was successfully backed up just a day or two before. I should note that this seems to occur only with my MacBook users, desktop users seem unaffected. Currently my only resolution is to go to EACH system and "Command" toggle off/on the Retrospect Client. Not sure if this will help, but I saw another similar post that asked the user to supply the process information when the client was in the "failed" state. Here is mine with before and after results... HD:~ user$ ps axlwww | fgrep retro 0 144 1 0 31 0 81532 712 - S ?? 1:36.81 /Applications/Retrospect Client.app/Contents/Resources/retroclient 504 2192 2181 0 31 0 599700 296 - R+ s000 0:00.00 fgrep retro *** Note: Client process restarted by toggling client off/on with Command key. *** HD:~ user$ !! ps axlwww | fgrep retro 0 2199 1 0 31 0 79972 916 - Ss ?? 0:00.05 /Applications/Retrospect Client.app/Contents/Resources/retroclient 504 2202 2181 0 31 0 599820 432 - S+ s000 0:00.00 fgrep retro
  15. Is it possible for Retrospect to launch a shell script before it starts backing up a client and then run another one once the client has completed backup? And example being, if I wanted to shut down a service so I could backup the files and then restart once they've been backed up.