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    Files do not compare

    Fast forward two years. As my last post indicates, resaving the 2 files eliminated the "file didn't compare" errors. Now I started getting the same error on 2 different JPG files. These are files that have been backed up without any problems for about 8 months and now, all of a sudden, I get the "files didn't compare" errors. The files have not been changed ever since they were placed on the server. OS: Windows Server 2000 Retrospect: Retrospect Backup Single Server v7.6.111. Verification Method: Default. I can copy the files to other locations without any error messages from Windows.
  2. FuzzyJohn

    Retrospect Pro v7.6.123 Help File

    Problem solved. Had to "Unblock" the .chm file in its properties.
  3. What is different with the Help file between version 7 and 7.6? When I have version 7 installed I can view the Retrospect Help file. When I have version 7.6 installed every topic in the help file gives me a message saying "The address is not valid".
  4. I am setting up a Windows XP Pro SP-3 machine from the ground up. I did a quick backup test using Retrospect Single Server v7.6.123. When I started the backup I did not see the message saying "Preparing for open file backup". During the backup I had several files with Error -1020 (sharing violation). I checked the Volume Shadow Copy service and found it not to be running. On a wim I uninstalled Retrospect Single Server v7.6.123 and installed Retrospect Professional v7.0.326. When I started the backup I saw the message saying "Preparing for open file backup". The backup completed without errors. I checked the Volume Shadow Copy service and fond it to be running. Why the difference between the 2 versions? In Retrospect Single Server v7.6.123 when I tried to enable Open File Backup I got a message saying that my license does not cover that feature. Does the Single Server version require a separate license for open file backup in XP while the Professional version will use XP's VSS? Will Retrospect Professional v7.6 use XP's VSS? I was under the impression that the additional license for open file backup is to use Retrospect's Open File Backup not the Volume Shadow Copy service.
  5. FuzzyJohn

    Retrospect and Volume Shadow Copy Service

    Thanks. I just found that out after buying the upgrade from v7.
  6. I created a new backup set and used it about 10 days ago. The results are the same. The excluded folder does show up when browsing the snapshot, and I can restore from it, but it does not show in any of the individual sessions. This new backup set was created and used after the exclusion was created.
  7. Using Retrospect Single Server v7.6.111.0 under Windows 2000 Server. Files excluded thru the Selector are still backed up. One of the exclusions in the selector excludes where Windows Drive Letter is D: and folder name exactly matches "COMSEG Repository". Testing the selector correctly shows that folder "COMSEG Repository" and its subfolders and files are excluded from backup. Checking a backup set that used this selector, browsing the first session of the backup set shows that folder "COMSEG Repository" is not backed up. I browsed several other sessions in the backup set and I was unable to find the folder there. However when I browse the snapshot for the same backup set I can see folder "COMSEG Repository" together with its subfolders and files. A retrieve operation for several files while browsing this snapshot restored those files. So even though the Selector Test and the first session of a normal backup set show that the folder is not backed up, it is really there as indicated by the snapshot and by the ability to restore files from it. Other backup sets that used the same selector exhibit the same problem.
  8. FuzzyJohn

    excluded files are backed up

    Over a year later, and with v7.6.111, I just found the same issue. See my post about this.
  9. FuzzyJohn

    Files do not compare

    I am using "Thorough verification" and "Generate MD5 digests".
  10. FuzzyJohn

    Files do not compare

    I had one JPG file that had no problems running Retrospect Single Server v6.5. After upgrading to v7.5 I started getting the "File did not compare error". A week ago I installed v7.6 and the error remains. I made a copy of the file and the copy also fails to verify. I resaved the file and the newer version verifies OK. I have no problem ditching the original (which did not compare) but I am uneasy as this may still come up with other files. The verification method I use is the default.
  11. FuzzyJohn

    Files do not compare

    I see that. Any idea when it will be out of beta? This is a production server and I'd rather not put beta software on it.
  12. FuzzyJohn

    Files do not compare

    Is an update that fixes the "didn't compare" errors any closer to release? I am getting this error on 2 JPG files and also on 2 PDFs. I am running v7.5.508 Single Server with the v7.5.14.102 update on a Windows 2000 server.
  13. FuzzyJohn

    Tape Drive Cleaning question

    Go to devices, highlight your tape drive listed there and get its properties. You can highlight the tape too and get the same information. I am a newcomer to v7.5. In earlier versions Retrospect had to be running at the time the tape drive was cleaned to record the cleaning action. I really don't know if that is still the case with 7.5.
  14. I Have Retrospect Professional v7 on a Windows XP machine and a Retrospect Client on a Windows 98 machine. Up until yesterday I had no problems backing up the XP machine and volumes on the 98 machine via the client. Yesterday I installed Windows XP SP-3. Also yesterday I changed the IP addressing on the network. Today when I attempted to run Retrospect Professional it cannot find the client on the 98 machine unless I turn the Windows Firewall off. I did set exemtions in the Windows Firewall for port 497 TCP and UDP but that didn't help. The exemptions were not there before SP-3 and everything worked. If I use Direct Access it will see the client, but the client is on a DHCP workstation. I can work around that but I prefer to use multicast for detecting clients. Is there anything new that EMC knows relating to Windows XP SP-3?.
  15. FuzzyJohn

    Windows XP SP-3 Causes Clients Not To Be Seen???

    The exact version is 7.0.344. Adding Retrospect to the Windows Firewall did the trick. :banana: I guess (again) that this was introduced by XP SP-3 as until today I did not have ports 497 TCP and 497 UDP and Retrospect in the Windows Firewall Exceptions. Also, even though the FAQ say that "If you install Retrospect 7.x or the Retrospect 7.x Client software on a PC running Service Pack 2, the install process will open the necessary network ports. No additional action should be required" it did not do so. But it worked on XP SP-2.
  16. I thought I saw this question posted not long ago but I cannot find it. Can I use Retrospect Single Server v6.5 to backup clients v7.0 or do I have to stick with the v6.5 clients? Thanks.
  17. SUCCESS !!! Placing the ROFF.SYS file in C:\WINNT\System32\Drivers on the client solved the problem. Now it is up to Dantz (EMC) to see why the installation of the latest v6.5 client from the downloaded client installer did not place that file there. As I mentioned, other Win 2K machines where I installed an older version of the v6.5 client did not suffer from this issue.
  18. I added a client to the network with Retrospect Client v6.5.138. Now Retrospect comes up with the "Can't use Open File Backup option Error -1012 (feature unsupported)" when it gets to backup that client. The client is running Windows 2000 SP-4 and it is a brand new installation, very similar to other clients on the network that Retrospect has no problem backing up. There is no other Open File Manager software installed. The boot drive is a Basic Disk. The volume defined for backup is on the boot drive. The biggest differences in this client setup are: - 4 dynamic disks set up as Stripped Volume. - Sony DVD Burner with Nero and InCD installed. The other Windows 2000 clients on the network have no problems. The other clients on the network run Retrospect Client software v6.5.136 or earlier. Server: OS: Windows 2000 Server Software: Retrospect 6.5.350 & Open File Backup license installed. Can you suggest things for me to try? Thanks.
  19. The boot disk on the client that gets this error is NTFS. I poked around some more and compared this particular client with another one that has no problem. One thing I found is that the client that gets this error does not have the ROFF.SYS file in C:\WINNT\System32\Drivers. This is a client I just setup and installed the latest v6.5 client software I downloaded from the website about 2 weeks ago. Could this be the problem? The older client (the one which has no open file backup problems) has an older build of the v6.5 client software which obviously installed this file. I checkced both registries for references to ROFF.SYS and found them to be the same. So I manually copied ROFF.SYS to the new client and restarted it. Tomorrow morning I should see if this solved the problem.
  20. I already turned off the "protect multi-volume data sets" option. I still get the error. The only volume included in the backup is a folder on a basic disk on the particular client. Nothing from the dynamic disk is included in the backup.
  21. FuzzyJohn

    Retro 7: Restore from Snapshot

    This looks like a bug in Retro 7. I could not duplicate this in Retro 6.5: Get properties for a backup set. Go to the Snapshot tab, Pick a volume and select Browse. Browse down a path that is more than 2 folders deep. Highlight a file or folder that is located at least 2 folders down the path and select Restore. At the Restore window I get "0 files (zero K) selected for restore". You have to click the "Files Chosen" button to open another Browse window and go to the same file and place a checkmark in its box in order to restore. If I do this in a folder that is close to the top of the path (up to 3 folders deep) then I can see the number of files selected to restore and proceed with the restore without having to go thru a second browser window. I have tried this in Retro 6.5 and I was able to go to a file 6 folders deep and restore it without a problem.
  22. FuzzyJohn

    Retro 7: Restore from Snapshot

    Reviving this 10 month old thread. Now that Retrospect 7.5 was released, what are the chances for the restore from snapshot bug decribed above, to be fixed in Retrospect 7? Or will the fix be available only in v7.5? I am familiar with the "standard restore" method. In my case however I find that I have to restore more files deleted from a server by users. These files are in the latest snapshot and much easier to restore from there.