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    Is it for real ?

    I am glad to say that I ogt the patch and it works. Thanks.
  2. I see in the User's Guide for Retrospect Backup 6 that the user can change the configuration of CD-RW drives. Is that something I might try to do in order to see if I can get a Lite-On LTR16102B drive to work? Under Retrospect Backup 5.6 with the 3.1 device driver I am getting error 103 for this drive.
  3. FuzzyJohn

    Is it for real ?

    Using it too (Pro edition). Unfortunatelly there seems to be a problem with the license code I got as the program prompts me for additional licenses when I am trying to do a backup. It say that the backup device I am using requires the additional license. The device is an OnStream DI-30 internal IDE drive. Tech support is looking into this problem and I hope it will be resolved fast. Until such time I was given by Tech Support a trial code for the Multi-Server Edition.
  4. FuzzyJohn

    Error 103

    I just installed Retrospect Desktop v5.6 and the newest device driver (v3.1) on an IBM NetVista. When I attempted to backup to the internal CD-RW drive (Lite-On LTR-16102B), Firmware revision OUS3, connected to the secondary IDE controller, device 1, I received the following message: error - 103 (unexpected beginning of media). This desktop only has Easy CD Creator v4.05 installed (no DirectCD). The secondary IDE controller, device 2 is a Hitachi DVD-ROM GD-8000 drive. The desktop is running Windows 2000 SP2. So far I receive this error message with 4 different CD-RW medias. Is this CD-RW drive not supported by Retrospect Backup v5.6? How about the new v6? Thanks, John
  5. Is it possible to update the tape header only once at the end of a backup job instead of doing it after backing up every volume? Currently I am backing up 4 drives and most of the time is "wasted" moving the tape back and forth between the current location and the tape header. John
  6. Sounds like v6. Where can we see more info about v6?