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    Catalog file out of sync with backup set

    Did a full backup of the My Computer container which contains 4 drives. No more "Catalog file out of sync with backup set" messages. It surely feels good to be back to using Retrospect. Tapeware gave me a good headache.
  2. OS: Windows XP Professional SP-1 with all updates. Tape Drive: Ecrix VXA-1a (ATAPI) with latest firmware loaded. Brand new. Media: Exabyte V17 tape cartridges. Software: Retrospect Professional v6.0 with RDU v3.7. Retrospect is using NT Passthru. After the first drive is backed up I get the "Catalog out of sync with backup set" message when Retrospect wants to backup the second drive. If I only backup one drive I get the message again when I run Retrospect a second time. No matter what method I use to repair the catalog next time I want to append to the backup set I get the message again. I restored the contents of one drive and I compared several restored files with the original using the FC /b command. No differences were found. I also ZIP several files at random from the source folders and the same files from the restored folders. The checksums in both ZIP files were identical leading me to believe that the files are identical. This also leads me to believe that Retrospect does not really have a problem witing to the tape and reading. The problem seems to be isolated to the catalog. As a last test I ran the backup of one non-system drive again (about 3.6 GB) with the verify feature turned on. After the backup operation finished the verify step verified all the files. I did a search in the forums for this problem and I found only a handful of people having the problem. Unfortunately I was not able to find any resolution. If anybody had this problem in the past and solved it I would like to hear your story. I also welcome any suggestions from anybody else.
  3. FuzzyJohn

    Catalog file out of sync with backup set

    I may have found the solution to this problem. I managed to make several incremental backups without the "Catalog file out of sync with backup set" message. What I did was to use the VXATool utility to change the ID String of the drive to Ecrix VXA-1a instead of Ecrix VXA-1. The drive is actually an Exabyte VXA-1a drive. I will do a full backup tomorrow and report back here with the results.
  4. FuzzyJohn

    Catalog file out of sync with backup set

    That is the firmware version I have in the drive v11100-v1T101). The Intel Application Accelerator is not installed. The ATAPI controller is on the motherboard (Asus A7VE, AMD 1.2 GHz CPU). Via drivers are not loaded. I have tried storing the catalog on another disk (another partition since there is only one hard drive unit in the machine). Retrospect had no problem with the catalog files with the drive I used previously (OnStream DI-30 FAST) connected to the same ATAPI controller. I used this drive for years starting with Retrospect v5.15 without problems except for occasional bad tapes. The OnStream drive failed (rejected all tapes) and that prompted the change to a new drive. There are no tape drivers loaded on the machine. The tape drive is disabled in Device Manager. If I remember right ASPI did not make a difference in the tape write speed.
  5. FuzzyJohn

    Catalog file out of sync with backup set

    Hi Nate... sorry for the delay. Here is how the drive appears in the Environment window: Devices visible using NT Passthrough... ID: 1:1 Vendor: ECRIX Product: VXA-1 Version: T101 Driver: Ecrix VXA DC (1.11) I also replaced the IDE cable to one using 80 wires which improved the data transfer in Tapeware 3-4 times when writing and up to 6-8 times when reading. Using Retrospect nothing changed. I can do one backup and verify it. The second backup fails at the very beginning with the catalog out of sync message. This, and my tests using actually restored files and comparing them, tell me that the drive is operating properly. I have done a full backup of my system drive (about 3.5 GB) and it verified without a problem. Something must happen while the catalog is written.
  6. Does the Iomega software (not the backup) need to be installed for Retrospect to be able to work with this drive?
  7. FuzzyJohn

    Does Defrag Change Attributes?

    Retrospect can reset the Archive attribute. This would not make the program see the files as changed the next time around. I am not aware of any defrag program that would have an effect on the file's properties (size, date, time, A attribute) which would flag Retrospect that those files need to be backed up again. What kind of files are you talking about? Could they be Temporary Internet Files?
  8. FuzzyJohn

    Catalog file out of sync with backup set

    Hi Nate, I already tried forcing the use of NT SCSI Passthrough. No luck. As for ASPI, I don't think it was already installed because before I ran ASPIINST.exe I ran ASPICHK.exe and it shown N/A for every component. It will take a few days to try the other things you suggested as that computer is at work and I am not <<drumroll here>>. I also plan to change the drive cable from the 40 wire to the 80 wire type to improve the data transfer (according to Exabyte). Like I mentioned in my first post I seem to have no problem with the first backup. The files compare. It is only the catalog that has problems. I also installed the latest version of Tapeware and had no problem with that, but I miss the simplicity of Retrospect <<another drumroll here>>.
  9. FuzzyJohn

    Catalog file out of sync with backup set

    I just wanna add the fact that I have been using the OnStream DI-30 IDE tape drive without any problems for years. Recently though the drive started failing so I decided for the Ecrix VXA-1 ATAPI drive.
  10. FuzzyJohn

    Catalog file out of sync with backup set

    Hi Nate, I just ran ASPIINST.exe and this did not solve the problem. I have tried saving the catalog file on a another drive (different partition on the same HD unit). Again nothing solved. Primary IDE: Maxtor Hard Drive Secondary IDE: Acer CD-ROM (master) and Ecrix VXA-1a Tape Drive (slave). The VXA-1 Drive in Windows XP Pro device manager shows up in the "Other" category. There are no drivers loaded for it. Here is the saved output from ASPICHK.exe: LOG0166: ***************************************************************** LOG0167: Starting ASPICHK installer on Wed Aug 14 07:30:44 2004 ASPICHK0492: OS = Windows NT (5.01.2600) ASPICHK0499: Platform = INTEL UPGRADE0626: c:\windows\system32\wnaspi32.dll dated 09/10/1999 11:06:00, 45056 bytes. UPGRADE0687: c:\windows\system32\wnaspi32.dll version UPGRADE0626: c:\windows\system\winaspi.dll dated 09/10/1999 11:06:00, 5600 bytes. UPGRADE0687: c:\windows\system\winaspi.dll version UPGRADE0626: c:\windows\system32\drivers\aspi32.sys dated 09/10/1999 11:06:00, 25244 bytes. UPGRADE0687: c:\windows\system32\drivers\aspi32.sys version UPGRADE0626: c:\windows\system\wowpost.exe dated 09/10/1999 11:06:00, 4672 bytes. UPGRADE0687: c:\windows\system\wowpost.exe version ASPICHK0639: ASPI is properly installed and is fully operational. However, no host adapters have been detected (0xE8). ASPICHK0649: ASPI installation has problems LOG0249: Closing installer log on Wed Aug 14 07:30:44 2004 LOG0250: ***************************************************************** ======= Here is the Retrospect Log: + Retrospect version 6.0.206 Launched at 07/14/2004 07:49 AM + Retrospect Driver Update, version 3.7.105 + Executing Immediate Backup at 07/14/2004 07:49 AM To Backup Set Test... - 07/14/2004 07:49:53 AM: Copying Programs_2 (D:) 07/14/2004 07:51:31 AM: Snapshot stored, 205 KB 07/14/2004 07:51:40 AM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 1312 files, 113.5 MB Performance: 87.2 MB/minute Duration: 00:01:39 (00:00:20 idle/loading/preparing) + Executing Immediate Backup at 07/14/2004 07:52 AM To Backup Set Test... - 07/14/2004 07:52:16 AM: Copying Programs_2 (D:) 07/14/2004 07:52:16 AM: No files need to be copied Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set "Test". To repair it, use Tools>Repair Catalog>Update existing Catalog File. 07/14/2004 07:52:20 AM: Execution incomplete Duration: 00:00:03
  11. FuzzyJohn

    erasing a CD/RW

    Retrospect does a full erase so depending on the speed rating of your CD-RWs 20+ minutes is normal. I was bit myself by the faster erasing in Easy CD Creator software just to find out that I started having all kind of "Catalog out of sync" messages. Now I advise my clients to let Retrospect erase the CD-RWs.
  12. Does anybody use the new Pioneer DVR-A07XLA drive with Retrospect in Windows XP?
  13. Makes perfect sense Nate.
  14. Is your Recycled or RECYCLER folder excluded from backup in Selectors?
  15. FuzzyJohn

    Catalogue DVD's

    Sounds like Retrospect is not suited for what you want to do. Have you considered a CD authoring program? Or maybe packet writing software?
  16. FuzzyJohn

    Catalogue DVD's

    I would say that the easiest way to do this is to use real cataloging software. Fortunately there are several program that are good. My personal favorite is WhereIsIt. Look for it at http://www.whereisit-soft.com/
  17. I am using Retrospect Professional v6.0.206 with an OnStream DI-30 FAST drive under Windows XP Professional with SP-1 and all Windows Updates applied. After seeing that the new Windows RDU version 3.9.106 is recommended I downloaded it and placed it in the Retrospect folder. The Operations Log confirmed that the new RDU was in use. I started a normal backup of the "My Computer" container which contains 4 drives (4 partitions on one physical drive). The normal backup took much longer that it used to take with RDU 3.7 and earlier. The problem seems to be that with RDU 3.9 the tape is rewound all the way to the beginning after each drive is backed up and before the verifying step. The tape is then closed and then it is wound back to start the verify step. After that the next drive is backed up and again the tape is rewound all the way to the beginning. With RDU 3.7 and earlier the tape was rewound only after all drives were backed up and verified. The tape was once wound to the place where the backup started and then at the end of the backup it was rewound and closed. Now I get 6 extra such tape movements which take time. This could more than double the time needed to do a normal backup, depending on where on the tape the backup is written. This also amounts to additional wear and tear on the tape and on the tape drive. Why was this change made? I have mentioned this after RDU 3.8 was released and at the time I was told that I should actually remove RDU.RPX from my system and use Retrospect without it. Now I tried again after seeing that This update is highly recommended for all Retrospect 6.0 users. For now I am going back to RDU 3.7.
  18. FuzzyJohn

    Windows RDU version 3.9.106 Makes for Longer Backups

    Thanks for the "unexpected" holiday reply. So far I have not come across the dataloss bug (Error 105) on any of the machines I am using. To help me decide whether to upgrade to RDU 3.9 or not at the expense of longer backup times, does this "restore" bug that RDU 3.9 fixes show up only when doing full restores, or does it also affect individual file restores?
  19. FuzzyJohn

    Restoring Win2K Encrypted Files

    I recently ran the following test: On a Win2K machine I changed the advanced properties of the "My Documents" folder to encrypt the folder and all other subfolders and files. The Retrospect Launcher service is configured to run as "Local System Account" and to "Allow service to interact with desktop". After Retrospect finished its scheduled daily backup (which backed up everything in "My Documents") I attempted to restore a few files from "My Documents" on another machine running Windows XP Professional. After the files were restored, Windows XP Explorer showed them in green color and with the "E" attribute set. Attempting to open DOC files in Word generated messages that I did not have the privilege to open the files. This satisfies my, and my boss' requirement, that the files stored on tape be secured. But this also poses another question: should we experience a crash and be forced to rebuild the Win2K system from scratch, would we be able to access the restored encrypted files? Thank you, John Castravet
  20. Quote: Jim Y. said:All backup programs have the active files problem. None of them do a very good job of restoring in my opinion. Dantz - can't this be fixed? Frankly, personally I think that the best way to handle this is to use a hard disk imaging program. Much faster and neater. I still use Retrospect but it is mainly for file backups as opposed to system backups.
  21. One of my customers reported to me a problem with Retrospect Professional v6 and backups to CD-RW media. The dreaded "Catalog Out Of Sync" message. System Information: OS: Windows 2000 Professional with SP-4 Drive: Sony CRX210 Master on Secondary IDE channel. No Slave present. Software: Retrospect Professional v6.0.206 RDU.RPX: v3.8.106 Media: Sony CD-RW 4-10X My findings after running about 30 backup jobs: The volume backed up had enough data to cause Retrospect to span to a second CD. The backup performed OK and it was followed by a successful verify operation. However when I attempted to append another normal backup to this set I received the catalog out of sync message. At this point I reduced the number of files in the backup so that Retrospect would no span to a second CD. There were no problems appending a second normal backup to this backup set. I repeated the first backup (spanning CDs) with the CDs in reverse order. In my opinion if there was a media problem it would cause some sort of a failure while accessing the first CD. That was not the case though. This backup ended up just as the first one, with a catalog out of sync message when trying to append a second normal backup. Next I repeated the backup with a volume big enough to cause Retrospect to span to a second CD. However this time I turned off the verification step. The backup completed. And I was able to append several normal backups to this set. I restored several files at random and the old DOS "FC" command confirmed that the restored files are identical to the original files. I ran several backup jobs with the data compression enabled and disabled and the only thing that seemd to eliminate the catalog out of sync message was running the backup with the verify turned off. I also ran several backup after customizing the Sony CD-RW drive with the same results. It appears to me that Retrospect has a problem when the verify is turned on and the backup uses additional CD-RW media. My belief is that after the backup step is done, the verify step does not write to either the media or the catalog on the hard disk. But from the tests I conducted Retrospect failed consistently with a catalog out of sync message when the verify was turned on. Evidentally the verify step does something to the catalog to make it out of sync the next time a backup job is appended to the set. On top of this, after I followed the directions to repair the catalog things seemd to turn even stranger. I made one backup on blank media to span 2 CDs using a newly created backup set. I had the verify turn on. At the end of the backup, the backup set properties showed one snapshot (dated 08/16/2003), one session (dated 08/16/2003) and 2 members. Attempting to append a second normal backup to this set cause the catalog out of sync message. At this point I proceeded to repair the catalog as instructed. At the end of the repair the backup set properties showed one snapshot (dated 07/28/2003) and five sessions (dated 07/28/2003, 07/29/2003, 07/30/2003, 07/31/2003 and 08/16/2003). I attempted to restore from this backup set and at the end of restore I got a message that the snapshot could not be found. The operations log had all kind of error messages. I could get the log file if more specifics are needed. Now it is time for me to pop some Excedrin to alleviate the headache and I hope I will not have all kind of CD_RW related dreams tonight. John
  22. FuzzyJohn

    Catalog Out Of Sync With CD-RWs (Strange Happenings)

    Quote: Edward Reid said:Are you able to rebuild the catalog from the CD-RW?. Strange things are turning stranger. I discovered that my customer was using Easy CD Creator 5 Basic (on a different machine) to erase the CD-RWs before a recycle backup. The reason was that Retrospect takes so much longer to erase a CD. When Retrospect accessed the CD in question it did go thru an erase step which only lasted about 5 seconds. Now... rebuilding the catalog from the media produced strange results. The rebuilt catalog contained sessions and snapshot not present in the original catalog. It also contained files that were not on the HD during the backup. All I can say is that since the CD-RW was not fully erased, somehow Retrospect accessed portions of a previous catalog on the CD. I know... I should allow Retrospect to do a full erase of the CDs. But I think that the minimal erase should work. After all it does seem so when using tapes. I did instruct my customer to not use Easy CD Creator anymore to erase the CDs and let Retrospect do it instead. So far I have not heard any complaints. Quote: Edward Reid said:You should not have "all kinds" of errors in the log. A few "cannot read file (busy)", and a few compare errors (timestamp mismatch or file size mismatch) are OK. But if you have various other kinds of errors, investigate those. All the errors that I mentioned occurred during the catalog rebuilding operation or during appending to the backup set. If my thoughts regarding Retrospect trying to access data from a previous catalog still on the CD are correct (see above) that would explain the errors.
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    Restoring Win2K Encrypted Files

    Quote: natew said: I suggest you encrypt your backup set in Retrospect rather than encrypting individual user's folders. You can select 3 levels of encryption. Correct, but that leaves the computer itself and the hard drive open, which was the reason for turning on the NTFS encryption in the first place. I considered making the Retrospect Launcher run as with the user's credentials, but the network policy forces the user to change the password every 30 days. John
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    Retrospect Helper

    Quote: Howard Kaikow said: Where is the "Services Control Panel"? Computer Management | Services and Applications | Services. This is for Win2K and XP, of course.
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    How can I describe better a snaphot?

    wokoenig, This should answer your question. Retrospect does not have means to add a description to a backup session or even to a backup set. You can create several backup sets and name each one in a way to satisfy your need to identify that particular set, but you will be limited to the number of characters that you can use in a backup set name. But I am afraid that if you do that, pretty soon you would have a mess on your hands. Other than that you can use a Notepad file (or Wordpad, or Word, or any other software that you like for keeping notes) to track your backup sets or the backup sessions in one particular backup set.