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    Duplicate function - recognizing the CD

    You could use the CD burning software that came with your burner or after market software such as Nero and Easy CD Creator. If you have Windows XP then you could also try the XP built-in CD burning feature. All of these will produce CDs that are readable in Explorer.
  2. Will Retrospect 6.5 Professional install and run on a machine with Windows 2000 Server or am I forced to upgrade to Retrospect Single Server? All I want to backup for now is the local computer running Windows 2000 Server and a couple of client volumes.
  3. FuzzyJohn

    Recommendation for backup devices to use

    I am using an internal ATAPI Iomega REV drive. So far it is the best backup device I used. And the fastest too.
  4. Windows 2000 Professional SP-4 Retrospect Professional 6.5 with the latest RDU Backing Up to my Novell Network volume Immediate backups to this volume take place without any problems. However when I tried to schedule a backup to the network volume, the backup failed with the message "Error -1101 (file or folder not found)". Scheduled backups to a local volume ran without any problems. After searching the Knowledgebase I found Article # 5660 - TITLE: What causes error -1101 (file or folder not found) on an unattended backup of a Microsoft networking volume? As instructed I changed the Retrospect Launcher service to use my network login credentials (Administrator level) instead of the Local System account. However after this change the scheduled backups did not run at all at the scheduled time. They only ran after manually launching Retrospect. After turning off the scheduled backups in Retrospect Preferences and then turning them back on the schedules ran again but the Retrospect Launcher Service was reset to using the Local System account instead of my account. Once again I changed the login credentials to my own and once again the schedules did not run. How do I get out of this loop???
  5. Anytime I enter login info in Preferences | Execution | Security the message box that comes up saying that no privileges can be granted is a Retrospect message box. My Windows and Novel username and passwords are synchronized (the same), with Admin level for Windows. I only have to do one login into Novel. That logs me into Windows as well. As for changing "Stay in Retrospect" to "Quit" that seems to make Retrospect quit as soon as I make the change but next time I restart the program it is back to "Stay in Retrospect". Doesn't stick too well... not enought time for the glue to dry.
  6. Maybe I am confused, but when I look at Preferences | Execution | Security it looks to me like the username/password/domain I supply there will be used to access volumes to backup from, not to backup to. Anyway my Novell login is to the NDS Tree and whatever I put in the "Log on to" box is just not accepted. When I "Run Document" by a task in the Windows Task Scheduler, I supply my username/password to the task. At that point the task will run even if no one is logged in or if another user is logged in at the time. This would be acceptable except that Retrospect when started by the Windows Task Scheduler will not close when the backup is done and it will just linger in the background. For now though probably the easiest way to do it is to use Retrospect 6 to backup to the network volume and give the Retrospect Launcher the username/password info. That, and try to keep up with the periodic mandated password changes.
  7. Hi GoAWest, I tried supplying the login info on the Security panel. No matter what I tried to put in the "Log on to" box I kept getting the message "Can't grant necessary user privileges." The only thing I could do was to save the schedule as a Run Document and then rely on the Windows 2000 Task Scheduler to run that Run Document as my Username and my password. However that leaves Retrospect running after the backup is done and if the backup ran at a time when no user was logged in, after I login Retrospect is still running as shown by the Task Manager but I cannot see its window on the screen. If I try to run Retrospect I get a message that the program is currently being run by another user. Clicking OK in that dialog will end the Retrospect instance that was staretd by the scheduler and then will start it again under my login.
  8. FuzzyJohn

    Error -530

    Quote: Hmmm, I did do XP SP2 on both clients now that you mention it. How do I fix the problem? --Steve You can check out this article in the Dantz Knowledgebase: Using Retrospect with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
  9. The 4 execution errors were on Presence (D:). The log does not show a successfull execution for that volume. It does show successful executions for your other volumes (C: and F:). Something happened with the line spacing at the end of the log, maybe in the process of copying and pasting here. This is how it should look at the end (some of the lines should be indented): - 9/20/2004 5:29:37 AM: Copying Maxtor (F:) 9/20/2004 5:50:08 AM: Snapshot stored, 888 KB 9/20/2004 5:50:10 AM: Comparing Maxtor (F:) 9/20/2004 6:10:31 AM: Execution completed successfully Completed: 5546 files, 498.4 MB, with 0% compression Performance: 24.5 MB/minute (24.6 copy, 24.5 compare) Duration: 00:40:53 (00:00:21 idle/loading/preparing) 9/20/2004 6:10:31 AM: 4 execution errors Total performance: 34.2 MB/minute with 0% compression Total duration: 01:10:18 (00:03:50 idle/loading/preparing) Quit at 9/20/2004 6:10 AM The last 4 lines are for the backup job itself and it does indicate that the job encountered 4 execution errors.
  10. FuzzyJohn

    ver 6.5.350 - multiple errors

    Quote: I get the same 1017 error on a WinXP client. According to Dantz article 28181, open file backup only works with NTFS, not with FAT32. My client is a FAT32 client (because it's XP license is an upgrade from Win98). I just live with it. If your client is XP then you should be able to convert to NTFS. Doesn't matter whether you upgraded from Win98.
  11. FuzzyJohn

    Help me understand matching

    Just to clarify a bit. The check means "marked for backup" according to your selectors. Not all of them will be included in the next normal backup. The files and folders which will actually be backed up are the ones that are highlighted.
  12. FuzzyJohn

    Retro Pro 6.5.350

    Hi Lennart, The latest version is indeed 6.5.350. However, Nate's message was to reply mrenner's question about a possibly bad CD and how to get it replaced. Quote: Quote: You can download the latest version of Retrospect from the Dantz updates site. It is a full version so you can do a clean install without using the CD. Sorry for barging in, but isn't 6.5.350 the latest version??? I just looked at the "Updates" page. /Lennart
  13. FuzzyJohn

    Killing "Backup Overview" screen in 6.5

    Thank you. I've been looking for this too.
  14. FuzzyJohn

    Retrospect 6.5 and WinXP SP2 issues?

    You might find this of value: http://www.dantz.com/en/support/kbase.dtml?id=28189
  15. FuzzyJohn

    Poor reliability with CD-RW media backups

    Since you are using Win XP, have you tried turning off the Win XP CD-Burning? Do you have any other packet writing software installed (such as DirectCD, Drag and Drop, InCD)? Also, I don't know if it still matters with Retrospect 6.5 but with the older versions, if I remember correctly, it was advisable to insert the CD-RW media after Retrospect started if you had other packet writing software installed.
  16. FuzzyJohn

    Backup of new files with "normal Backup"

    New files and folders should be included in a "normal backup" if their parent container is included. Check your selectors to make sure that nothing there excludes the new folder and its files or possibly their parent container.
  17. FuzzyJohn

    Compare not working?

    You are correct about being able to work on the system. Things may get a little sluggish though. As for the system not being able to stream data to the tapes, that also could be true depending on the way you are using it. But this should not affect the amount of data. If the stream gets interrupted the tape drive will have to rewind to find its place after which it will continue. Because of this backups will take a little longer.
  18. FuzzyJohn

    Compare not working?

    This is only if your OS is Windows XP.
  19. FuzzyJohn

    Backing Up to a DVD+RW device

    It may help a lot if you posted more information about your DVD +RW, such as make and model and maybe firmware level.
  20. FuzzyJohn

    Retrospect 6.5 Using Iomega REV Drives

    This is great news. Thanks Nate.
  21. I just installed an Iomega REV Drive (ATAPI) and I upgraded from Retrospect 6 to Retrospect 6.5. The Iomega System files (drivers) have to be installed so that Retrospect can use this drive as removable media. I was able to do full and incremental backups to the REV disk with a Disk Backup Set. But I came across some odd issues regarding the erasing of the disks. If I use Retrospect to erase the disk I am not able to create a backup set to use that disk I just erased. I get a message that the disk is full and that I need to use a different one. Looking at the disk in Windows Explorer I noticed that Retrospect placed several 2.1 GB files on the disk, occupying 99% of the free space. If I erase or format the disk in Windows Explorer (UDF file system) the disk shows up as "Unknown". However Retrospect will backup to this disk. After the backup Retrospect still shows this disk as "Unknown" but for contents it shows that the disk contains a backup set. Looking at the disk contents in Windows Explorer, the structure is completely different from the one placed on the disk when Retrospect erases the disk. Is this a bug?
  22. FuzzyJohn

    Retrospect 6.5 Using Iomega REV Drives

    Quote: Hi This is normal and the way Retrospect is designed to work. When you use a disk with a "disk" backup set you have an option to "format and rename disk". With this option checked Retrospect will erase the contents of the disk and fill it with empty 2 gig files until the disk is full. These files are place holders to prevent you from putting anything else on the disk. Retrospect then fills up these empty files until the disk is actually full. This is exactly what I get when I have Retrospect erase the disk at the Storage Devices tab. Quote: If you choose not to select this option Retrospect will create a folder at the root of the disk leaving the rest of the disk open for regular use. This is what I get when I erase or format the disk in Windows Explorer. Quote: When you say Retrospect won't use the disk what do you mean? Are you saying it won't automatically use the disk or that it will only do so if you manually erase it? Have you turned on the automatically reuse pre-named media option? Thanks nate What I mean is that after Retrospect erases the disk, when I create a new backup set and I select to use the disk that Retrospect just erased, the Create Backup set wizard rejects the disk saying that the disk is full.
  23. Are the Retrospect 6.5 catalog files included in the backup? It looks to me like they were included in v6 but after I upgraded to v6.5, even though their "A" attributes are set the files are not backed up.
  24. FuzzyJohn

    Retrospect 6.5 Using Iomega REV Drives

    I did update to the latest Iomega system software. I did do a quick format of the disks in Windows Explorer. The Iomega format routine placed 2 files on the disk (autorun.inf and the drive icon file). After launching Retrospect 6.5, in Device Configuration this disk appeared under "Removable Disk as (Unknown) and its contents shown as "unrecognized". I was able to create a new backup set that will use this disk and that backup set did perform a full backup and several incrementals on this disk. I took a new disk and again I formatted this disk in Windows Explorer. After launching Retrospect 6.5, in Device Configuration I erased this disk. After the erase (which was very fast) the disk appeared un "Removable Devices" as (Untitled) and its contents shown as "erased". When I tried to create a new backup set that will use this disk I got a message saying that the disk was full and that I needed to make more room on it or to use a different disk. Looking at this disk (erased by Retrospect) in Windows Explorer I could see 17 files: Retrospect Data Retrospect Data 002 Retrospect Data 003 to Retrospect Data 017 The size of these files was 2,096,128 except for the last file which was 638,668. The disk was 99% full. It simply looks to me like Retrospect prepares these disks (when erasing) in a format or layout that is not compatible with the type of backup set (Disk) used to write to these disks. Are you getting a different behavior Marc? Quote: I had the same problem. The problem is that all REV disks have exactly the same unique disk identifier because they all have been pre-formatted in the factory. That way Retrospect can not determine which disk is inserted and it thinks the new disk is the same as the old disk because they have the same identifier. To solve this you have to quick-format all REV disks once with Windows Explorer. That way each disk gets his own unique disk identifier. Tip: Upgrade to the latest system software from IOMEGA (version 1.03). That solved a number of other problems I had with the drive. Marc
  25. Currently I am using Retrospect 6 Professional. I was talking to Exabyte Tech Support today and the technician claimed that Dantz has improved support for their VXA-1 (ATAPI) drives in one of the RDUs for Retrospect 6.5. I could not find anything about older RDU, but the most recent one (v5.1) does not mention the VXA-1 drives. Is it true that these drives have improved support under Retrospect v6.5?