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    Retro 7: Restore from Snapshot

    It looks like the fix for this has not made it in v7.0.326. This problem could turn a simple restore into a complicated process.
  2. I just came across a new message in the Operations Log when Retrospect is closed. The message is: TVxBlockRunTimeLinking: LockUnlockCd not available! This machine runs Retrospect 7 Single Server. This just started happening. Searching the log I could not find other instances of the same message. I also noticed the same message on another machine running Retrospect 7 Professional and later today I can check if this message comes up on my home machine which also runs Retrospect 7 Professional. The message on my home machine was not there a few days ago. All 3 machines run version 7.0.249. The only change to one of the 3 machines was an update to Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0.5. What is the significance of this message? Since I had this message just come up on 2 out of 3 machines (and possibly the 3rd one too) I suspect that the problem is not with the machines.
  3. An updated RDU.RPX (v7.0.9.103) has been released. It supposedly fixes this issue and one other.
  4. Quote: This has been logged as a bug. Thanks for the info.
  5. Update: First I have to make a correction. Even though the message text seems to be attached to the group of log entries generated when Retrospect shuts down, the message is added to the Operations Log at start time: + Retrospect version 7.0.326 Launched at 10/24/2005 09:09 AM + Retrospect Update, version Exit at 10/24/2005 09:13 AM TVxBlockRunTimeLinking: LockUnlockCd not available! + Retrospect version 7.0.326 Launched at 10/24/2005 09:20 AM + Retrospect Update, version As one can see from the log I updated the Retrospect installation to v7.0.346. The update rolled RDU.RPX back to v7.0.6.108. I restarted Retrospect several times and the TVxBlockRunTimeLinking: LockUnlockCd not available! message was not added to the Operations Log. As soon as I installed RDU.RPX v7.0.8.103 the TVxBlockRunTimeLinking: LockUnlockCd not available! message appeared in the Operations Log again.
  6. I could but not right away. My boss feels that I spent enough time already on Retrospect between this issue and an Error 1017 (unrelated issue) that I got this morning. Maybe early next week. All machines are already using RDU 7.08. Some of the machines started getting this message while still using RDU 7.07. It is still strange that different machines started producing this message within days of each other without any hardware or software changes that might cause it.
  7. The first machine (home - Win XP Pro SP-2, Retro Professional) has Easy Media Creator 7. Retrospect backs up to an ATAPI REV Drive. Nothing changed in the setup of this machine's hardware or software at the time this message started to show up in the log other than the Adobe 7 update to v7.0.5. The second machine (work - Win XP Pro SP-2, Retro Professional) has the latest Nero OEM 6.6. Retrospect backs up to an ATAPI Exabyte (Ecrix) VXA1 tape drive. Nothing changed in the setup of this machine's hardware or software at the time this message started to show up in the log other than the Adobe 7 update to v7.0.5. The third machine (work - Win 2000 Advanced Server SP-4, Retro Single Server with Open File Backup) has no burning software installed. Retrospect Backs up to an internal SCSI Sony DDS-4 drive. Nothing changed in the setup of this machine's hardware or software at the time this message started to show up in the log. No Adobe 7.0.5 update on this machine. I will try to ask a couple of other people I think run Retrospect 7 to check their logs.
  8. Update: the home computer has this message in the log as well. The first time it appeared there was on 10/02/2005. Home computer is running Retrospect 7.0.249 Professional.
  9. Quote: Hi Retrospect won't do it all by itself. Do you have the media timeout set? Does anyone else have access to the machine? Thanks Nate Media timeout is not checked. The "Automatic skip to blank media" was checked. I dechecked it. But that does not explain why the media was considered blank. I should have had about 50 sessions on it at the time. I guess all I can do is to keep an eye on it.
  10. I use 2 backup sets with a schedule that alternates between them every day, Backup Set A and Backup Set B. I am backing up to DDS-4 tapes. Today I noticed in the properties of Backup Set B that it had 3 members: 1-Backup Set B 9.1G 2-Backup Set B 609M 3-Backup Set B 3.2G Looking back thru the log I found an entry that says: Member skipped: "1-Backup Set B" and then about 10 days later another entry that said: Member skipped: "2-Backup Set B" There are no other errors recorded in the log for those days or the days before and after. Backup Set B should have been one tape. What would cause this skipping of a member and the next member to be created on the same tape?
  11. I'll check for media timeout. No one has access to the machine.
  12. Thanks Nate. However none of these apply. All Retrospect runs are on a schedule and the other backups to the same tape on the same schedule went OK. It was only the 3 instances where Retrospect skipped. There must be some other kind of glitch. John
  13. FuzzyJohn

    Retro 7: Restore from Snapshot

    Has this been fixed in the latest release?
  14. Has this been fixed in the latest release? I do not see it mentioned in the release notes.
  15. FuzzyJohn

    Can't forget a Backup Set

    What happens when you try to forget (delete) them from the Backup Sets window?
  16. From your post it sounds like you are not using "Selectors". Exclude "System Volume Information" in selectors and it should work.
  17. This is similar to the restore from snapshot bug I reported here. You can restore from a session as long as you do not go deeper than 3 folders or so in the path.
  18. FuzzyJohn

    Recycle vs Normal

    What time is your schedule set to run? I have seen in the past some weird runs when the schedule was set to run at midnight (12:00 AM).
  19. FuzzyJohn

    Check Media...media unavailable

    I just got bit by this bug. But now I can breathe easier and wait for the fix.
  20. FuzzyJohn

    7.0 hangs when trying to start

    Have you tried turning off NAV and ZA? It may also help if you post your hardware configuration.
  21. FuzzyJohn

    Retrospect 6 "Reserved" Status for Tape Drive

    Issue solved by removing the NVIDIA IDE driver which was installed by the NVIDIA nForce2 system drivers.
  22. OS: Windows XP Home with SP-2 and all up to date patches. I replaced an Asus A7V8X-X motherboard with an EPoX EP-8RDA6+PRO. In the previous configuration I had an older HP CD-Writer 9300 as Master and I was using an OnStream DI-30 firmware 1.09 for backup (slave to the HP CD-Writer). In the new configuration I replaced the HP CD-Writer with a Plextor PX-716A (as a Master) and kept the OnStream DI-30. I do not have any drivers loaded for the OnStream DI-30. It appears in Device Manager under the "Other" category with a yellow question mark. When I go to Retrospect Storage Devices I see that the status of the DI-30 is "reserved". The properties of the drive show that the drive is connected to Bus 4, ID 3. The PX-716A appears on Bus 4, ID 2. I have tried to disable the DI-30 in Device Manager but that did not help. Is there anything else that I can look for to resolve this "reserved" status?
  23. I have posted here several times over the past few years about multiple snapshots appearing under the "Snapshots" tab for the same drive. Normally the "Snapshots" tab will only contain one snapshot for each drive or volume in the system. I was told that could be because the volume (drive) name might have changed, which was not really the case. Once again those extra snapshots appeared for the same drives on the "Snapshots" tab of the backup set I am using: Programs_1 (C:) John 10/30/2004 01:52:16 PM Programs_1 (C:) John 11/12/2004 07:01:31 AM * Programs_2 (D:) John 10/30/2004 01:54:29 PM Programs_2 (D:) John 11/12/2004 07:03:37 AM * Storage_1 (E:) John 10/30/2004 01:54:39 PM Storage_1 (E:) John 11/12/2004 07:03:48 AM * Storage_2 (F:) John 10/30/2004 01:54:44 PM Storage_2 (F:)&nbsp John 11/12/2004 07:03:53 AM * * indicates the new snapshots. This happened on all machines (at home and at work) on which I use Retrospect Backup versions ranging from 5.6 to 6.5. On all machines the extra snapshot is dated after the change to EST on October 31, 2004. I looked back at snapshots that I had earlier in the year and I could see again that extra snapshots were created after the change from EST back in April. This only seems to happen with the local drives. Is this something that Dantz can confirm?
  24. FuzzyJohn

    Multiple Snapshots for the Same Drive

    I have not used Partition Magic on any of these drives. I haven't done anything to any of these drives to cause any such changes. The only thing I can place between the 2 snapshots for each drive is the date we changed to EST (Oct. 31, 2004). This seems to be true for each of the computers in my care. It also seems to be true on the computers that I could check for snapshots back in April 2004. Could it be that Windows writes something to the drives when the daylight savings time changes?
  25. FuzzyJohn

    Media needed before...

    That means that you have a script running and the media that will be needed for the next time the script runs is not in your drive.