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  1. I'm experiencing backup scripts randomly changing from one user with a once working media set/script to another user leaving me with a duplicate script for any random user? Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Does anyone know how to turn off the retrospect client via terminal? I'm having difficulties with my clients showing up in the Sources list using multicast. When I disable and enable the client (by pressing command and clicking the Off button) it will then reappear in the list. This is very annoying/tedious since it happens almost everyday and I have to manage about 40 machines. I'm hoping there is a terminal command I could use that does the same thing (via remote desktop or ssh) so I don't have to visit the users desk everyday saying "hey our backup system f****** sucks", I need to disable/reenable the client to continue. Any ideas? Clients: v6.2.029 w/ OSX 10.6.4/10.5.8 Server: v8.2.0 (399)
  3. Hello all, I'm experiencing an intermittent issue with many desktop clients not being shown in the Sources window using multicast. Also it seems that when I add a client using multicast windows, not the "Add Source Directly..." it struggles to located the client when the IP address has changed. I believe I've traced the problem to Apples software firewall, since all of my clients have it enabled by default (company policy). I understand if I disable the firewall on the computer it will resolve my issue. And since the firewall is application specific vs port specific i'm at a loss to figure out a resolution without purchasing a 3rd party software firewall or use the unix ipfw. If I reinstall the client, on a machine that struggles to be listed in the Sources window, it will appear and I'm able to backup the client. Times this issue with 30+ computers this process can be tedious and time consuming. Has anyone else experienced an issue with Roxio client and apple's built-in firewall? Tech Details: Client machines: 10.5.8, 10.6.4 Roxio client: 6.3.029 Retrospect Server: 8.2.0 (399)