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    A bunch of questions-

    Thanks for the reply- I've resolved some of the problems but some still are worrysome. -577 Is on random things related to Exchange- sometimes it is the whole thing, sometimes it is just one of the mailboxes. From what phone support said it is a known issue they are trying to figure out the root of. Hopefully they will fix it soon. We do have open file backup, but it still pops up- It wouldn't worry me so much but some of them are in the System Volume files making a quick recovery somewhat problematic. The -1121 error has dissapeared (file system was screwy), but it is replaced with a "Can't backup IIS Metabase error -1017(Insufficient permissions)- Any ideas?
  2. We have a pretty limited configuration of servers, all are running Windows Server 2003 or 2008, (in 64 and 32 bit) fairly recent versions of Exchange and Retrospect and are getting these errors pretty uniformly across all the systems/backup sets/everything All of our backups are done to external hard drives. -577 Already Completed I know the KB says to update to 7.5.387 but the systems this keeps coming up on are running w/ hotfix and on 7.7.341 x64 -1020 Sharing violation- the system behind this one is pretty unique, running 7.7.341x64 on a 64bit version of Server 2k8. I have tried everything I could find to try and fix this one and nothing worked. -1121 Unknown file system- The KB suggests it may have something to do with an encrypted file system, but none of our drives are encypted or compressed. Any ideas would be great- Thanks
  3. Anyone else have any ideas? I've got this same problem on several different setups but most often with systems having these versions: and 7.7.341 x64