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  1. Hey all, So we just bought an Iomega Storcenter ix-200 (2x2TB) loaded up with retrospect express hd. We are using the drive as a file sharing server. The problem is when it comes to backing up, we can't back up what is on the the Iomega drive to a HD (we need to take a backup out of the office every evening). When setting up retrospect, I select "selected files and folders", click on the network drive i want to back up, click on the HD i want to back up to and then try and back it up. It comes up with an error -1196 saying the backup could not be done. If I choose the back up drive in the storcenter, it wont let me pick it as it is asking me for a password. I enter the password (admin/password) but it refuses it. This is quite ennoying as I thought the Iomega Storcenter and retrospect were SMB solutions. Anyone got any ideas? Im on Windows XP pro