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  1. I'm not sure if I'm posting in the proper category for this question. If not, please forgive me, but I need help. We run Retrospect 4.2 on our Beige G3 (OS 8.6) using a ClubMac Tape Backup. We have 3 tapes that we've set Retrospect to backup Week One, Week Two and Week Three. Week One Tape backs up on Mon, Wed & Fri. Week Two and Week Three are the same so as to have a rotating backup system. (I hope I'm making myself clear.) Normally this goes along fine without a hitch. Periodically, however, the program requests a new tape for no apparent reason. It happens like this: I come in Tuesday morning and the Monday evening backup has went along without a problem. I come in Thursday morning and Retrospect is asking me for a new tape so it can start the Wednesday evening backup. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???????? WHY IS IT DOING THIS???????????? IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!! I don't believe this is a media space issue, since almost 98% of the time the backup schedule works without a hitch. This seems to happen when I have to make an unscheduled backup. When I do this I select run a script now, select the script that matches the tape, and select Execute Now with Normal Backup selected. I think this is the area where I am messing up, but I can't figure out how. Any help you may be able to give is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Q.