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  1. When I attempt to Rebuild a Media Set I get an Error in the "Select a Folder for the New Catalog" drop down dialog. I select the Documents folder for the user of the machine that is running the Retrospect engine. When I hit the Rebuild button it gives me [color:red]An error occurred[/color]. Not sure if this error is because I'm using old Retrospect 5.6 .rbc files to create my catalogs.

  2. I meant Restore.

    OK Now I see at the top of the dialog under needs media, "Select Media: 1-2010". This is the information I was looking for and could not find. The last version of Retrospect I used was 5.6 so I'm having to get used to where all the information has been relocated in version 8. Thank you for your help. I'm glad to see this forum has users who are willing to help out.

  3. When I start a Recover in Retrospect 8 the restore assistant status comes up as "Needs Media" (this is a tape backup) yet it doesn't tell me what member (tape) to insert. Is this info hidden or tucked away somewhere? I know it needs a tape from the 2009 Media set but it isn't giving me the Member name… Any ideas?