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    Retro 9 Upgrade Pricing Feedback

    Not trying to pile on, but I, too, have been a loyal Retrospect user for at least 16 years, maybe longer. I have endured, and paid dearly for upgrading and maintaining my multi-user, multi-server, and multi-platform licenses. We went from Dantz (seems like there was one before Dantz), then to EMC and got gouged and got next to nothing in terms of software improvements and support. Not to mention the cost of changing devices, SCSI cards, tape drives, hard drives, etc., as new software upgrades orphaned older devices. Version 6 was solid, but was beginning to flake out with Leopard server. When I found that Roxio had bought Retrospect, I was very happy and optimistic. Finally a solid, reliable software company for my long-time, butt-saving Retrospect. I jumped on the version 8 upgrade and was given an entirely new interface to have to learn, and repeated failures during backup. A new RAID backup hard drive and bug fixes with 8.2 and I have been lucky enough that my data is getting backed up. The backups still fail on my server volumes, but at least my Promise RAID array is getting backed up. I totally agree that we were promised on these discussion boards that the bugs would be fixed. I guess we were not cynical enough to realize they would charge us tier 1 pricing to fix them. In any other business, you would go to jail for fraud for knowingly selling a defective product or service and then charging to fix it. Since software has the license model, they get away with it. I have downloaded version 9 and got the trial key, and I don't really see anything different. The email notices work, but they worked for a while in version 8. The granularity of the email notices does not seem to be addressed. I had to turn off error notifications in v8 because I would get spammed when the thing would crash and burn in the night. Nothing like having your backup fail, and waking up to 200 spam error messages from Retrospect. I guess Growl is supposed to fix that. Things are so bad for me with v8, that I pulled all scripts backing up any computer except my servers and went to Time Machine backups to USB drives for all client machines, and my email server. We'll see if the OSX server volumes backup tonight. When I got the notice for a trial version for a paid upgrade, I figured there would be some tiered pricing. I was shocked to learn that v8 users get no different pricing than v6 users. This really is a slap in the face to me personally. I went out on a limb with Roxio when they bought Retrospect and joined them on the version 8 upgrade. My thanks for helping support their efforts instead of limping through on version 6 or changing vendors? Not one freaking penny of a discount. I was expecting $250, maybe even $500. I am absolutely floored that it is $1,000 (by the time I add 7% state sales tax, it's over a thousand), and it is the same price tier as v6 users. As for the touted new features, I have three comments. First, the old features don't work, so I have little faith that the new ones will be trouble free. Second, I don't really need any of the new features right now. Maybe I'll work into them, but none of them are things that I have desperately been waiting for. I just want the program to work reliably. Third, some of them aren't really new. Pre v8 Retrospect has long had the ability for clients to issue "back-up now" commands. Live backups? Big deal. I can set up a script to back up the server 10 times a day if I want. What good is it if the software fails to write to the device? Data encryption? Do that many Retrospect users really use data encryption in their back-ups, and if so, have they been anxiously awaiting 256 bit AES encryption support from Retrospect? I may be wrong, but I don't think enterprise users are the customer base for Retrospect. As stated in other messages, the target group seems to me to be small businesses and home server users. I might pay for this upgrade if it really does fix the bugs, but if I do, this will be the last one. Retrospect has lost my support.
  2. JohnAHawkins

    Error -525

    Backing up a Snow Leopard Server over a gigabit ethernet network using Retrospect 8. R8 is running on a 2x3GHz Dual Core MacPro running 10.6.4, with 12 GB of RAM. Everything works fine for a few days, and then I will get the following message: "Error -525 (wrong client found at that address)" Forgetting the client, then re-loading it and adding it back to the script solves the problem for a few days, then it happens again. Any ideas? -- Hawk