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  1. My company I work for is using Exchange Agent 1.1 for Windows. We are running Exchange 5.5 on a Win2k Dell PE 1300 performing full backups nightly. I am performing a disaster and recovery documentation procedures (testing). I setup a Win NT 4 PDC with the same name and domain as our production domain in a test environment. I setup an Exchange 5.5 on Win2k with same site and server name as our production domain on a workstation box. The problem I am having is after I build Exchange 5.5 with exact configuration replace the empty DB's. I get an error when opening every email box. Error: No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. Microsoft Windows NT ID no:0xc0020534 And if I try to link the username with the mailbox I get this error. Error: The directory is busy. Wait a few minutes and try again. Microsoft Windows NT ID no:DS_E_BUSY The Exchange Admin snap in goes to non-responding. I have tried this many different ways and receive the same problem. I have restart and stopped the services, rebooted and can ping the PDC. The Exchange server is added to the domain and seems to communicate fine but when I import the Retrospect DB's (production Exchange DB backup) it seems it cannot communicate with PDC. Microsoft says the error refers to saying that Exchange cannot reach a PDC or BDC when you receive that error. In my case it works fine until I import the DB's from Retrospect. Can someone please help!