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  1. I created a Backup Disc folder using Retrospect 7.6.111 and my Iomaga external drive but all the files are gone includeng My Socuments, My Pictures, My Videos, Favorites, My Music. I can see all the files on the Snaposhote Backup Data Drive include the sizes. but when I go to Restore Files, 0 files are restored. I have marked and flagged the folders and files but they dont relace the contents of any of them. Did lose them?
  2. pinoyhapa

    I can not restore any of my files

    I created a new file folder for the destination site on my HD data drive and used the default never delete corresponding files. As I said, when it restored to that folder, all I saw were the folder names with no files inside. i can still see the entire My Documents files on the backup set snapshot. I even flagged and highlighted My Documents to define which files I wanted. I need to be able to put My Document files back inside the folders on my HD. Not empty folders.Do you know to exactly accomplish this?