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    writing/reading DVD media

    Thank you for that. The big objective is to backup the data which Retrospect does quite well. It would be nice if the other organization could read the disk and that makes us hope that all they need is a copy of Retrospect as well (in order to read the disk when they get it into their DVD reader). Would you please reply to let us know if that is the case? If so, would Retrospect Express suffice to read the disc that Retrospect Pro wrote? Thanks again!
  2. fmedina

    writing/reading DVD media

    Thanks. I know it's a feature request for which there may not be a lot of clamor (our purpose is to provide the best backup solution for brokerage houses that need to provide backups on DVD or CDR for SEC compliance submissions). Is there a way to use other software that may have come with the DVD-recorder or any other software to "finalize" the disc to make it mountable elsewhere? We appreciate knowing your thoughts on any best next steps from here. Thanks again.
  3. fmedina

    writing/reading DVD media

    We are using Retrospect Professional v6 for Windows with the supported HP DVD200xi recorder and are writing to HP's own DVD+R media. Everything works until the DVD is removed from the recorder and an attempt is made to read the DVD in a standard 2nd generation or later DVD reader. The reader can't read the DVD. Is there a setting in Retrospect that we need to use to "close session" in order to do the final write or encapsulation that makes the DVD readable in a standard DVD reader? We are being told by HP that the media (DVD-R vs DVD+R..) doesn't matter as much as it did with 1st generation DVD readers and that the non-readability is probably due to a software setting. All help is much appreciated!