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  1. One for each client - so maybe 30... Maybe the question should be rephrased - ie: how to manage >1 backup sets with numerous clients? thanks, hurf
  2. Hi, We want to put a backup set on the shelf and start using a new one - is there a way to globally change the destination backup set for the client scripts? System: Retrospect Server 7.7 with dual magazine Dell LTO changer, Win Svr 2008 thanks, hurf sheldon
  3. [support ticket #1111227] Client Version 7.7.100 installed on RedHat AS 5 Server version 7.7.341 x64 installed on Windows Server 2003, Dell 2950 quad core Retrospect was crashing on linux backups - on the server side it just says "RS quit unexpectedly - possibly due to power outage." on the client side in /var/log/retrospectclient.log " ConnReadData: Connection with xxx.xxx.xxx.123:2757 was reset" in /var/log/retropds.log there were errors: volScan: Can't open directory "/users/xxxxx/üÃÃÆ¥Ã" and similarly named directories. These file names came from files originally named in Chinese pictograms. After some noodling around and testing we found that Retrospect on the server was crashing when these "can't open" errors were thrown on the client. We edited the script to exclude the nasty files but (evidently) the catalog operation doesn't exclude accessing the files, just the backup. We then hid the files by tar/zip of the drectories. btw: New scripts or changes made to scripts were lost when Retrospect server crashed... Is there a way to save things that would keep this from happening? A file->exit did save the changes. Since this was a .5 tb partition it took several days re-running the script until we ferreted out all the wierd file names - (only 4 dirs but 2 were near the end)