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  1. Perhaps I am missing something here. We are a 50/50 mac/pc shop running both Retrospect and Veritas for backups. Veritas keeps prior backup sets automatically so there is no need to restore them from tapes. We keep two years of sets. Retrospect appears to not do this. At least I've not read or heard of it keeping old catalog sets beyond the last backup. As a temporary fix to this delema, I am manually copying the weekly backup sets to an archive and renaming them to the date of the backups. This works, since it would take 24 hours to restore a catalog set off 8 tapes. Very tedious indeed. Will 8 keep catalog sets? Can anyone enlighten this subject?
  2. brian.kerrigan

    Window resizing

    I was hoping you would address the problem of resizing the main window and panes. As it is, the window barely fits on our server console and it cannot be made smaller. If the panes are resized for our specific setup, when Retrospect is restarted, they revert back. Very annoying and is keeping us from using 8.0 or 8.2. You are forcing us to stay with 6.0 until this simple change is made.
  3. brian.kerrigan

    Window resizing

    Obvioiusly this is a user forum concidering Dave's un-needed sarcastic response. My apologies for even thinking a constructive response would come from non-enterprizing users. Dave, then why would 6.0 have its window resizing and 8.0 or 8.2 not? Not all server consoles are the same and like us we operate both Windows OS and unfortunetly, Xservers. Russ, thank you.