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  1. I sent a complaint to Dantz on 3/29/02. It has never been answered, although it was acknowledged that it was received. I re-sent my e-mail again on 4/26/02. No response still. I have been on hold today for more than an hour via phone today, which does not get answered. This is a customer service atrocity. I want my $ back. Does the company still have anyone working in customer service? Here's my original pleasant e-mail: "I have used Retrospect for years with a tape drive backup (SCSI). After I bought my ibook I tried in vain to use the tape drive with a SCSI adapter. Retrospect did not work with this. I bought an upgrade a few months ago (v.4.3) thinking this might work. It did not. I then bought the fastest CD-RW drive that APS sold. Retrospect does not work with this....yet? Now you have a new version (5.0). I now own a recently purchased non-current version that doesn’t work with anything I’ve got. I paid the upgrade price plus shipping of $14.68 for the CD. Please help. I like the product and would love to use it with my current system."
  2. I am using an ibook with the latest version of Retrospect desktop with an updated driver. I backup to an APS DAT tape drive, which is a SCSCI device connected via SCSCI/USB adapter. Backup stalls out (does not progress) past "Compare", and so never completes. It doesn't crash, but doesn't progress. The little progress wheel goes round & round for eternity and beyond. I can stop or pause execution, but I have to force quit to quit program. Also, does not launch automatically as per scheduling. I have used Retrospect for years on my previous computers with no problem. I just upgraded thinking this was a driver problem. I tried recataloging the storage set from tape command under tools, to not avail either. I'm running OS9.1 Help! Thanks!