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  1. the 9500 is running 9.1 We only have the one xServe and the one UL4D Atto card. I read that Dantz has tested the UL3D card, but not the UL4D. Atto recommended the UL4D. I purchased it on their expertise, knowing that they are the OEM for Apple. However I am afraid that it might be the 3d to 4d that might be causing my problem. I do have other G4's that I can install the Atto card into. I was hoping to find someone else that already had this configuration in a proven work environment. Thanks Terryh
  2. All firmware is up to date. Cables are LVD 160. Proper termination. Apple System profiler recognizes the Quantum DLT 220 drive. Restrospect sees the drive, but when I click "Configure - Devices" it sees the drive and reports it "Running" It gives me the Tape wheel spinning ICON for about a minute. then I get the Spinning ball of death. I must then force quit Retrospect. When I relaunch retrospect, it does not see the drive. System profiler still sees the drive, but I must restart the server for Retrospect to see the drive. The DLT drive is the only device on the Atto channel. It is set to ID #3. I have tried #1,2,3 and 6 with the same results. Once the spinning ball of death comes up my Processor lights peg and retrospect is froze. I am at a complete loss with no where to turn. I have placed the DLT drive with cable and terminator onto a 9500 running retrospect and the DLT works flawlessly? What am I missing