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  1. I forgot to mention that I have tried this on two different NT servers with the same result.
  2. Is anyone successfully using Retrospect 6.0 with Panda Antivirus for NT server? 5.6 works fine and if I upgrade to 6.0, it corrupts my panda install therefore not allowing me to log into the server (reboots before it hits the desktop). If I uninstall Panda from the administrator it will boot fine, and if I try to re-install Panda after that it reboots the server halfway through the install and will continue to do so until I uninstall it again. If I remove Retrospect 6.0, then Panda installs fine and runs fine....anyone experienced this incompatibility?
  3. I am doing a little testing of the product and I am having an issue restoring a terminal server from backup. Everything appears to restore fine with the exception of the following error in the backup report: File "C:": can't write security information, error 87 (unknown) I looked up this error in the knowledge base and it says just to re-establish permissions and it should resolve the issue. I look at NTFS permissions and everything looks OK. My problem is this - after I restored the server, any users who log on which are not a member of the administrators group on the server get asked to map drives to \\server\c$ and \\server\admin$ on login. If I give the user admin rights, everything is normal. If I take them away again, I get the same problem. Has anyone seen this issue restoring a terminal server? Thanks, Chad
  4. I am getting an error writing backup set (I believe it is a -102) coming up on my screen. I understand why this error happens and am working on resoling it - my question is this...is there a way that I can prevent that error from popping up on the screen and stopping that backup and any other backups scheduled from running? It never fails - I step out of the office for a day and I lose a day's backup to this error. Thanks, Chad
  5. dykstrac

    -102 trouble communicating

    I know I can't stop it from happening until I find the source, but it is not possible to have it continue through the error when it does happen?
  6. I have an NT server with two network cards on two different networks that I would like to add as a Retrospect 5.6 client. The client installs fine and says "waiting for first access" in its control panel, but I cannot see it from the backup server, even when typing the IP address (which I can see). I tried changing the IP binding order so that the network the backup server was on was the first network that TCP/IP binds, but I still cannot get it to work. Any suggestions? Thanks, Chad