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  1. Thanks for the reply Nate, I cannot boot into the restored OS using any method, Directory Services restore or otherwise, it always goes right back to Windows cannot find windows\system32\config\system . Any other ideas ? FSIWEBS

    Disaster Recovery Issue

    I am experiencing the same issue except I am attempting to recover Server 2003, did you ever figure out what needed to be done?
  3. We are running Retrospect 7 Multi-server and are trying to do a Disaster Recovery to a Windows Server 2003 machine via the Disaster Recovery CD-r. The whole process seemed to go well until the restore was complete and we were told to reboot. Upon reboot, I received the error Windows cannot find windows\system32\config\system So... I recovery consoled in and edited the boot.ini so that I could could boot to the "temporary OS" Now I can boot the computer but it's only in the "Temporary OS" mode.. retrospect hasnt cleaned up the filesystem or deleted the temorary OS. It looks like all of my files have been restored, but the OS is broken, does anyone have any suggestions on how to jump start the Disaster recovery process? fsiwebs
  4. We are getting these errors now everytime our EZ17(autoloader) starts to look for a tape. As we were instructed, I did a search on my particular error "task.cpp-328" and found nothing in the knowledgeBase. Has anyone heard of a fix for this nighmarish situation? Mayoff????

    Is retrospect 'Fragile'???

    I have been using Retrospect 6.0 since November 2002, 6.0 still contains the same quirks as many of you are complaining about. The software will hang on a backup error and not back anything up for days until you manually close the application. You still cannot run multiple instances of the application, so if it hangs you cannot do anything about it remotely. The $400 "Disaster Recovery" option is basically a waste of money, while it will restore a system, it still manages to screw-up the "Security Database" in Windows2000 thereby rendering the Local Policy Database "untouchable" it cant be viewed or edited(nice recovery). Unfortunately, I found alot of these problems after I convinced the "Powers that be" to spend $1200 in licensing, oops.