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  1. sponnath

    Scheduled backup not running as expected

    Yes, I can click on "Back Up Now" and get a successful backup and restore point catalogued. It's only the auto backup I am having issue with. I will have to try that upgrade and see if that helps. Thanks. Is there anything that explains all the display characteristics of the icon in the systray?
  2. Just loaded up HD from a brand new Maxtor 300 last night. Went into setup, scheduled a backup, made sure autoback was checked on. Sat there and waited. I never saw HD pop up running the backups, no disk activity, nothing. Seemed like nothing had been scheduled. It was 6:30PM and I scheduled 7:00PM, so it should be recognized and run. Is the software going to pop up from the systray or just sit in there? Sure wish I knew what it was supposed to do but there's nothing in the help file (no manuals) to read that tells you how the software will act when it does in fact run a scheduled run. Any ideas why it would not run a scheduled backup? What else to check, the very, very simple interface makes it appear that a backup should run. I am also a Retrospect 7.0 user and prefer seeing something about backup rather than this silly red bordered thing. The guy I am helping doesn't want to pay the 50bux to get the 7.5 version (I don't want to pay 50 either as a registered long time, current 7.0 user given that the upgrade from the freebie is the same price). Any help appreciated.
  3. sponnath

    Retrospect 7.5 Released

    I called customer service and was told that regardless of whether you have Express or 7.0 Pro, the upgrade price is the same. Sure seems like a current 7.0 Pro customer who paid a lot for their software would get a better price for their upgrade than someone that got their Express copy for nothing included with their hard drive. Kinda like getting the same for your auto tradein as the guy that brings in the free toy car he got in his cereal box......
  4. sponnath

    Deferred checkbox is on and grayed out......

    Well I looked and looked and finally found the culprit. There is a "Stop all execution button" in the toolbar. I can not remember when I hit that but it was hit. Since the checkbox was grayed out I focused there and the help files did not point out that the stop all exec might have been pressed. Simple fix for me. Dantz should update the help file on things like this.
  5. I can't uncheck the defer execution checkbox as it's grayed out. How do you clear this checkbox? I can't see any way to do this. If it's grayed out intentionally, it sure doesn't say why. Version 7.
  6. sponnath

    Proactive unavailable on 7.0?

    I was just trying proactive for the first time since the button was on the screen of pro. IF THE FUNCTION DOES NOT EXIST, THEN DON'T PUT A BUTTON ON THE LIST! I just spent time looking through the web site looking for a proactive license like the error messasge says. You guys need a common sense quality check before you release.
  7. Yes to ASPI. I had talked to tech support one time and they corrected me on that. Apparently it defaulted differently than 6.5 did, if I remember correctly. I have tried Memorex, Phillips, and now Office Depot DVDs. I am pretty sure that all have been 4x. But I have only tried the Office Depot model with the Plextor. The others had been tried with the UJ811b. I had to buy those when my laptop drive was failing and I was in emergency mode to get something backed up. So I used Nero to create data DVDs to save my data. They worked flawlessly with Nero. I guess it would be nice if I knew what DVD brands to try first. But the approved device list doesn't also include approved media. I would sure use it! Trying to find what DVDs work is a guessing game that can get pretty expensive.
  8. So tonight I try to continue this backup. I checked that the DVDs made are recognized. So I start a backup. It gets to within 1.1 gig remaining and then I see that the DVD is getting erased and there are 5.2 gig remaining, there was a 102 error! Omigod! I wish this was funny but I am not laughing. In the old days of past versions long ago, I used to make backups using CDs and had no problems. I wish I could understand how the burners of today are so fragile. But what I don't understand is how this new Plextor drive works so well with my Nero, etc. and works flawlessly. I am only having these issues with Retrospect.
  9. Using latest 7, aspi, plextor external by firewire, XP Pro fully up to date. got error "Execution terminated unexpectedly, possibly due to a power failure or system crash". Well there was no power failure as everying is on UPS. The system did not crash as I was sitting there watching/waiting to change to next DVD. Then the backup crashes. The machine had nothing else crash, terminate, etc. I bought the Plextor to be compatible as my laptop internal UJ811b is not on the list. I selected the Plextor external USB/firewire 716 as it's even got Retrospect in the box. I called Dantz support and asked about the drive. No problem.... But it failed out just like any other CD/DVD alternative I have tried. I have only ever been able to get Retrospect to backup to an external hard drive successfully. And it is slow. Sits at about 42 in performance. Nothing else is running, all other external drives turned off. No programs running, Norton file antivirus disabled. Nero is installed but not running. Took a whole weekend to try to backup 45gig and on about the last DVD it crashed. Can Retrospect 7 backup to DVDs or am I just trying to drive myself nuts? I really don't want to buy an external hard drive for each backup set I want to make.
  10. sponnath

    Does Retrospective 7.0 Actually Work?

    Wow, I just spent an entire weekend running a backup to an external Plextor drive only to have Retrospect tell me the power went out or somthing. Aside from the fact that backup is painfully slow, it doesn't complete. This is so disappointing.
  11. sponnath

    dvd list

    If it's not supported in the list, you will need to buy another device to backup. I am looking for something now myself as my laptop DVD is not supported and I won't trust that configure feature. They might as well take it out of the product.
  12. sponnath

    Avoiding long DVD erasure times, can you?

    I was ejecting as I quick erased a whole bunch of DVDs.
  13. sponnath

    phillips dvd

    I have the same problem with my laptop. I have a Panasonic UJ811b. It will never be supported. I gave up on that. You will have to fit the product, not the other way around. I am currently looking into the USB attached Plextors but they haven't listed support for the newer unit yet. What's funny is that Retrospect is included in the box by the vendor but it's not on the supported list here. I would like to laugh but it's not funny when you are trying to get a usable backup on DVD. right now I am relying on multiple hard drive backups.
  14. sponnath

    Will the Plextor PX-716UF 16x Double Layer work?

    Wow, that could add a lot of unhappy people to the Retrospect community. They won't blame the drive but the software as the drive will work with everthing else as the included drivers will support standard processing. Guess I will wait a while longer before I backup my laptop to DVD. I hate to buy an old drive now when for 10bux more I can get the double layer drive. I hate waiting to make a backup but I can't trust the drive in my laptop via the drive configurator.
  15. sponnath

    Will the Plextor PX-716UF 16x Double Layer work?

    Quote: If I had to guess I would say this will be sooner or later but there is no way of knowing for sure. Minor differences in firmware can make a big difference to how the drive behaves. If Retrospect is included in the box with the drive, would it not be a supported drive? If a Retrospect 7 light edition is in the box, shouldn't my purchased Retrospect 7 Pro version work with it? Or is the software being included with an unsupported drive? Or does one hand of Dantz not know what the other is doing? I find this very confusing. My question to anyone at Dantz who reads this forum is "Can I buy the 716 unit (that comes with your product in the box) and use it with my Retrospect 7 Pro ? Please, I just want to back up my harddrive to DVDs and move on with my life. This seems so simple to answer this question. A simple yes should work unless the 716 box contains software that does not work. If yes, then the supported list is out of date and should be updated. Or, maybe it's there and the selection pulldowns don't show it. Something......