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  1. OK folks the problem did finally get resolved. I repeated the "delete files/uninstall Retrospect Express/reboot/reinstall" process 4 more times (yes I did the same thing over and over) after the 4th time Retrospect started, using RestorePoint7 as the backup folder!? Lots of sharing errors on the C: drive but a second backup went clean. CURIOUS to say the least.
  2. I have had occasional problems with the backup of the C: drive. The solution after the first time was to remove Retrospect (via Control Panel - Programs and Features - uninstall), then delete all the Retrospect files on the backup (external) drive and then reinstall Retrospect - it took various attempts to get to this solution! Yes, I lost all the previous backups but my current data was still valid so basically no harm/no foul. This most recent time during a full start something triggered a failure in the backup and it would not continue so I did the above procedure to clean out Retrospect and start over. I have purged all remnants of Retrospect that I can search/find but after a full install and moments after selecting the "Backup now" option I get a message "Can't access Backup Set RestorePoint6. error - 1101 (file directory not found)". So somewhere there is a file (or something) that did not get removed with the uninstall and is keeping track of the fact that I have had 6 previous 'installs'. Where is this information stored, how do I delete it and/or how do I ensure it is deleted with an uninstall. Many thanks for any help.