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  1. I was trying to reclaim disk space on my external hard drive because I was up to restore point 62 and there was no more room. I use Retrospect Express HD 2.5 and Windows XP. I changed settings from using 100% to using 75% of space. The restore point dropped down to restore point 5 after a good bit of time going through the process. Then when I tried to backup again I had the error "Trouble matching Restore Point 5, error - 808 {key/refnumsearch failed}". I am a relative newbie and wonder what I should do next. Should I follow the tutorial "How do I rebuild the catalog file in express HD 2.0", or is there another method that I should use? Question 2: Is there any easier way to make more disk space on the external hard drive? I don't think it was a difficult to do this with an earlier version I had. Thanks