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  1. Success. The data was recovered. Thanks!
  2. Yes, yes! I'm running v4.0 on Mac OS 9.2.2. I'll upgrade immediately. Thanks and I'll let you know how it goes. Dan
  3. Wow, that was quick! Here is one of hundreds: Trouble reading: "7-StorageSet A" (63141888), error 102 (trouble communicating) Thanks, Dan
  4. Hi: I have a set of Zips with Retrospect data on them. I've since switched computers and lost the StorageSet Catalog. Re-cataloging has been unsuccessful: no files appear after it is done. Even though it goes through 8 Zips and apparently is doing something. When I ran the Log Window, there are a bunch of error messages.Yikes! How can I get to this data? Are there any *other* applications that will open it? Thanks in advance, Dan Van Dorn 805-692-6777 x172