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  1. I have been backing up different types of data from zip files dwg. to jpegs. and txt , doc, ppt and so on . My question is.. that on all of my backupa wether it's to a file or a dat drive the compression seem to be around 24 to 37% is that normal? I had about 31gigs of data and backed up to a file on a local drive (not over the network) and it compressed to about 24.2 gigs with 24% compression.. I deleted all the zip files ( about 10gigs worth) and tried it again and out of 20.8 gig worth of data it compressed to about 13 gigs with 37% compression. The main reason I ask all this is because on a my dds4 dat drive I am using a 20 gig tape that compresses to 40gig or something like that and when I back up to it with the 31gigs of data it kicks out the tape at about 23 to 24 gig, then asks for another tape. Does all this seem norm? Thanks Jase
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    back up

    Ok, but this is the weird thing.......before we ever had problems with our dat drive, we were able to backup our data all of it. It only went up a few gigs since then, the type of data hasn't change. This is what happend... my sup was asked to restore a few files..when he did there wasn't anything in them, there would be a word file but no text inside it or a drawing file without the drawing. So we sent it back to the dat people..... then they fixed it and we started having that problem with the tape kicking out. I sent it back again and they said there was nothing wrong with it that they were able to backup 37gigs. I can't think of anything else., I am backing it up the same way I did before all this happend. Sorry to bug so much! Thanks, Jase
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    back up

    Ok, I ran Retrospect and backup up to a hard drive and it ran fine.. So what does that mean? On all the dds-4 tape it kick them out. I also ran one yesterday and it kick it out at 17gigs. I always erase the tape first and then create a new set, so I don't know why it would act like it's full.
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    back up

    Thanks for your quick response. It's a dat drive dds-4 . I have used old tapes, new tapes, enabled software compression, disabled software compression. And I still get the same capacity 23.5 or so on a DG4-150M tape. What I am going to try next is use Retrospect to back up the data on a big harddirve and see if it kicks it out at the same point.
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    back up

    I'm having backup problems backing up 29 gigs of info.. Everytime I try to back up more than twenty gigs the tape ejects out at 23.5 gig. Any reason why?