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  1. I have had all the same problems and tried most of the same solutions including trying the new client Retrospect sent me. No success. Has anyone got this to work yet?
  2. Frankly I have not been monitoring the network traffic. Remember I have been successfully using Retrospect for years backing up over a network. I recently changes to an NAS drive and again successfully ran many back-ups. The failures just started happening. But I am willing to look at the network traffic if you think it could be the root of the problem. What would you recommend to monitor the traffic and what would indicate a problem?
  3. The Buffalo NAS drives use an XFS file system which they describe as NTFS "like". I have successfully completed backups that were over 35Gb. It should be noted that Retrospect 7.7 specifically states they support the Buffalo NAS products.
  4. I have been succesfully running many backups to my Buffalo Terastation NAS device. All of a sudden all of my backups are failing from multiple computers. The backup partially completes and then stops with the below error message. I can succesfully run a backup to a hard drive on my computer so I am only getting the error on the NAS. Log file: + Normal backup using CPG-Win7-64B at 12/10/2011 7:25 PM To Backup Set CPG-Win7-64B... - 12/10/2011 7:25:05 PM: Copying Local Disk (C:) Additional error information for Disk Backup Set member "1-CPG-Win7-64B", Can't write to file \\SPEEDYHD\Backup\CPG-Win7-64B\Retrospect\CPG-Win7-64B\1-CPG-Win7-64B\AA000099.rdb, error -1116 ( can't access network volume) Trouble writing: "1-CPG-Win7-64B" (2693713920), error -116 ( volume doesn't exist) Can't create session, error -1100 ( invalid handle) 12/10/2011 7:55:00 PM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 2246 files, 6.0 GB Completed: 101 files, 2.1 GB Performance: 95.6 MB/minute Duration: 00:30:08 (00:08:22 idle/loading/preparing) Can't save Backup Set CPG-Win7-64B, error -1100 ( invalid handle)
  5. sparky4460

    Can I Exclude Files That Retrospect Generates From The Next Backup?

    I agree I did not see them on XP machines and Windows 7 machines take much longer to back up. Almost unacceptable. I tried the built in Windows 7 backup which includes a shadow copy and making a complete drive image of all drives and it did it in a fraction of the time. About 20 minutes vs. 4-5 hours on a Retrospect back-up. The million dollar question is whether the files are created just prior to a back-up and they contain important files that must be backed up if you want a reliable restore. However I think you said it is backing up large {} files created from PREVIOUS back-ups. If you do an incremental backup and these are old files that have not changed Retrospect should not be backing them up again but it seems to be. Doesn’t make sense. We need comments from a Roxio engineer on this one. I am not inclined to exclude them until I find out if they are necessary. I have plenty of back-up space I just hate how long it takes.
  6. sparky4460

    Can I Exclude Files That Retrospect Generates From The Next Backup?

    Did you ever come to a final conclusion on this subject? I to am finding an enormous amount of space being consumed saving these files. How did you determine the last 12hex characters of the file?
  7. Delorme has an option in their Street Maps software that will prevent a computer from going into screen saver or sleep when the program is running. It might be something Retrospect can look into adding it to the back-up client.
  8. Thanks. I am surprised this is so difficult. I tried to set the "Wake on Lan" setting assuming if there is any network activity it would not allow it to sleep but that doesn't work.
  9. Has anyone found a reliable way of preventing Windows 7 clients from going to sleep or into suspend mode during a backup. I have to go in and change the power settings to "never" sleep before every backup. There must be an automated way. With Windows XP I had trouble getting computers to sleep regardless of the power settings. With Windows 7 they go into sleep mode even if there is hard drive and networking activity such as during a backup. They seem to only monitor the keyboard and mouse.
  10. sparky4460

    Windows 7 64 bit client support

    I am currently running Retrospect Professional 7.6 on an XP 32 bit box and am unclear if Retrospect supports Windows 7 64 bit clients. The technical notes seem to say you can run the server on a 64 bit box but you cannot backup 64 bit clients. Is this true?