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  1. Thanks, I did this and now it seems to be working again.
  2. I upgraded to Mountain Lion and now the Retrospect Client 9.0.2 (102) will not turn on. Even changed the Security preferences and tried reloading the client.
  3. Why does Retrospect not keep the settings that are picked for only backing up Selected Volumes under the Options Tab of a Client? I choose the Volume of the Mac client but if the Server is restarted or the Client gets an OS X update applied Retrospect defaults to checking that all volumes get backed up. Very frustrating.
  4. dbiehler

    8.2 E-mail notifications

    OK tested this some more and found that the settings for the Outgoing mail server need to be set with a fully qualified domain name, the IP address won't work. Also the requires authentication needs to be turned on and user should be entered in the form of domain\user. The Test button definitely has some error to it since it locks up the app any time it is used. We need the email feature to be included in the Logs.
  5. dbiehler

    8.2 E-mail notifications

    OK, restarted server and re-entered the settings for email. Now when clicking the Send Test Email button, the software hangs and gives the beach ball and app becomes unresponsive. Nothing in logs about email going out, which it finally did, as a test. Will see the next couple days if it reports like it should on failures and media and successful events.
  6. Running new verion The email notifications is not working. Cannot get Send Test E-mail to work either. I don't see any Log activity for the test email either.