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  1. Hi i would like to know how to get the installer for the Retrospect Express for Mac 6.0 version. Tried to check the website but found nothing but the full version of Retrospect please advise on how to get the right installer for Express version for Macintosh systems thanks.
  2. Hi can i still use the old back up of my Retrospect 7.6 version when i perform a upgrade to 7.7 version. Is this possible or i need to create a new backup set. thanks! :confused2:
  3. Phil07

    Upgrade for Retrospect 7.7

    Can i still use the old back up that was created on the 7.6 version when i upgraded to Retrospect 7.7 version or i need to create a new back up set again. :confused2:
  4. Does anyone experience this issue after performing update on XP computer. Before Retrospect Express 7.6 works fine on SP2 but after performing the update to SP3, it seems that the license code message came out. Tried to use the same license code for the Express version but gives and error message invalid even without dashes. Please advise what to do?
  5. does any one tries to back up a pc windows from a retrospect 6.1 mac server. is this gonna perform the back up as the windows will server as a additional client, or do i need to purchase retrospect windows to get it work. please advise experts thanks.
  6. Phil07

    Continuous backup

    so this means that if upgrading to 7.7 for windows can still use the continuous back up add on or just need to stick to 7.6 to use it. in short when i upgrade to Retrospect 7.7 i can still use this as an add on right thanks.
  7. Phil07

    Upgrading Questions

    I would suggest to use he professional disk to disk offers to a server machines for upgrade. If you choose professional you can still have 2 clients to use on other computer. But if you are going to use sever types of computer ill go for disk to disk. Please check this link to compare your choice of retrospect - http://www.retrospect.com/products/software/retroforwin/comparison/
  8. Phil07

    Possible Virus in BackUp

    you may need to contact your oem or try o run a scan using malwarebytes or one care scan. :devil:
  9. Phil07

    Upgrade for Retrospect 7.7

    thanks for the response it seems that this feature is no longer supported on 7.7 right.
  10. help where to download the installer for Retrospect Express 7.5 version and the express or mac 6.0 thanks for anyone could give me.
  11. Please if anyone knows how to download the Retrospect Express 7.5 installer and if there is a link on how to download the Retrospect express mac version it seems that the website does not provide any link for the old version of Retrospect and the installer itself thanks.
  12. Phil07

    Version 6 to 8.2

    This concerns seems to be a technical issue please refer to our technical forums as they might help you out for your inquiries. or rather contact tech support about this. http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/retrospect/contact.html
  13. Phil07

    Upgrade for Retrospect 7.7

    IS Retrospect 7.7 supports the continuous back up it does not show in the website wants to know if this feature is still available for the 7.7 edition or it is for 7.6 add-ons only. just want to know before i tried to upgrade my 7.6 to 7.7 professional i still have the continuous back up for 7.6 is this gonna work on my upgrade option thanks.
  14. Phil07

    Express HD 2.5 is the current version

    Is this the main installer for the Retrospect Express HD or do i need to look for the 2.0 before installing this version 2.5 please provide me a link on how to download the 2.0 or let me know if the 2.5 is the one that i really need. Thanks. http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/retrospect/software_updates-express.html