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    Backing up Windows XP Mode Virtual PC

    I can see my XP mode machine from every where on my network. I think it depends on what you have set for the Networking setting of the virtual machine. Mine is set to the actual NIC, and not internal or shared NAT. You might try that. I have not loaded the Retrospect client on mine, so I don't know if that will fix it or not.
  2. DeltaBank

    Retrospect Crashes

    Well, for me 7.6 worked GREAT. But after upgrading to Win2008R2 and Retrospect 7.7, the great part stopped and the issues began. I have tried the fresh new script, fresh new backup set, and fresh new config tricks. No go help each time.
  3. DeltaBank

    Backing up DFS Replicated folders

    In my case, backing up the local folder (E:\Folder) that is part of a DFS share (\\lan.com\Folder\) would backup under 7.6. Under 7.7, Retrospect will find the local folder, but reports it as not having any files inside to backup. A bug, a BIG KILLER BUG. I wonder what changed on which side that it works in 7.6 but not in 7.7.
  4. C:\Documents and Settings has been replaced by C:\Users. The former is still there just for compatiability reasons with older stuff.
  5. DeltaBank

    Retrospect Crashes

    My experience has been running just one execution unit and doing a system state backup needs almost 15GB free space on C:, but that it still crashes with the assert error. Has any progress been made on this issue?
  6. It would be great if we could specify what folder gets used for the temporary cache while Retrospect is running. Currently, at least under Win2008, it uses C:\ProgramData\Retrospect\...{etc}. Support has said that you need to have 10GB free per concurrent execution running that is doing a system state backup; though my experience is that it needs to be more like 15GB. Though 15GB doesn't seem like much, sometimes the free space available on a C: of a server is kept to a minimum to avoid wasting free space. I would like to be able to tell Retrospect to use the D: or E: drive.