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  1. Hi All, I need some assistance explaining the upgrade process to a customer. If someone is running a previous version Retrospect (eg. MAC 4.3) Desktop, and wish to go to the latest version WORKGROUP, is it a possible upgrade path to purchase the Workgroup upgrade for Mac? Or is the customer stuck with purchasing the full copy of Workgroup? Thanks, any help would be appreciated. --edited-- to say I know that this applied a while ago, and that the Workgroup upgrade could be used to come from a Desktop product, but is this stilll valid? Have the rules changed?
  2. Scrap that. I found this: http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=cs_common_questions#B2 Though it doesn't help _that_ much. I only have basic upgrades listed from Dantz, nothing which is particular to "product upgrade discount"s or anything that fancy. Still, if anyone has any input into this it would be appreciated. Jayce Hancock Datastor (NZ) Limited www.datastor.co.nz
  3. Simple question, and something I should know! If someone is running a Desktop product (previous version), and they wish to step up to the next version (ie - desktop to workgroup), do they simply need to buy the workgroup upgrade? Or does this only cover upgrading from previous versions of that flavour? Is there any way to get someones Desktop 4.3 upgraded to Workgroup 5.0 without them having to buy the full product? Any help would be much appreciated! Jayce Hancock Datastor (NZ) Limited www.datastor.co.nz
  4. So Retrospect (MAC) will only recognise one card regardless? No way to fix this?
  5. I have a frustrating situation involving a customer who has purchased Retrospect MAC W/g backup. They have installed the software on a server which is running two ethernet cards, and now the software (in their words) "won't recognise either one". Basically, their problem is that they need a "server" product for MAC, and Retrospect simply isn't providing them with this at this stage. Is there a patch available to fix this problem? Why is this not detailed anywhere in the product information either on the website, or with the product? If they were running a Windows product I would upgrade or crossgrade them at my cost in a second, but as you can see, there isnt really a way to do this in this situation. Any ideas or information would be much appreciated. Excuse my lack of knowledge on the internal workings of these products, I am only a lowly sales rep.