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  1. I have two Iomega StorCenter ix2 drives on the same network that I want to use to automatically back up two PCs. I was able to set up the 1st PC fine but when I added the 2nd drive for the other pc, I had problems. I changed the name of the 2nd ix2 under Device Setup to "storage2". In Windows 7, I disconnected the network drives Backup and Public and mapped new drives to different drive letters. I am able to do the Setup in EMC Retrospect Express HD and select the files I want to back up (anbout 600 GBworth) and select \\\BackUp (R:) as my distination backup device but although when I click "backup now" and the backup begins normally, I get the error message after a few minutes, "Retrospect Express HD, There is not enough disk space to store this backup. There is over 900 GB free on the destination and I have tried doing a backup and selecting only one small file to back up but I always receive the same error. I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that I changed the drive name. Under EMC Retrospect, it shows under "Use for backup" "all available and it shows 929 GB Free. Any ideas?