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  1. Thanks so far - but neither of you have addressed the central issue of why deferred backups are logged as "stopped by operator" instead of being executed (or re-deferred).
  2. I have used Retrospect Express 7.6 on Windows XPfor a couple of years with no problems, but now I have transferred to Windows 7 and cannot get scheduled backups to run properly. I am using an extrenal hard disk which is not switched on at all times. If my XP computer was off at the scheduled backup time, the backup was deferred and Retrospect would come up automatically next time I switched on, reminding me to turn on the hard disk. But execution seems to be silent and invisible in Windows 7, and if I do not have the hard disk turned on when backup is due, it is logged in Retrospect as "Execution stopped by operator", although I have not stopped anything knowingly. Grateful for any help that can get my backups working properly, so that scheduled backups are deferred until computer and external hard disk are both turned on.