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  1. In Retrospect on Windows 10 1803 I tried to use a selector to exclude files/folders from backup. The source is an SMB network volume. The selector excludes all files, folders and paths starting with B (as a test) for windows, osx and linux. But in the backupset snapshot listing tree all B* files are available. Is Retrospect not able to exclude files from SMB network volume sources? Does it work only locally and from retrospect clients?
  2. The point is, I can't change the names. Many files are linked with the file name as reference. Or they are received from clients and we are not allowed to change the file names. So then the ":" in the BSD filenames would be the real reason, depending which library retrospect uses to access directories and files. I think until OS9 ":" has been the folder character and "/" has been a valid filename character. Failing handling this files would be consequent, but this would upset users, because the software doesn't do what the user think it does: - securely backup ALL files on the system irrespective of the "beauty" of their file names - files can be automatically verified - files can be later restored to the same status as before. Otherwise this backup application is no secure way to backup your files.
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    Hello JonHendry, I have the same problem with an AIT-4 tape library. Retrospect can't find the tape every time after backup before starting verifying. (Please check the log of the task, if retrospect is starting verifying right now) Please also report this issue to Roxio support: https://selfserve.roxio.com/retrospect
  4. Hello amkassir, the real reason for the remaining files during media verification is that files with "/" in the filename are not verified or correctly counted as verified. May be more files are affected, but this like searching a needle in the haystack, if you don't have a clue what to search for. It was pure luck to find the "/" file clue. Roxio (formerly Iomega) was absolutely no support in this case. Normally the files are save, but without an automatic verification, you can't trust what's on your backup media or not. Roxio support (formerly Iomega) knows about this problem since January 2010, but for them it is not important enough to fix it. May be next year in a new version... Roxio only provides workarounds like switching to Thorough Verification, but this is not an option if you backup files which changes often during the backup/verification task. The next argument of Roxio is that "/" filenames are not allowed on all operation systems. But on OSX they are very common, even system files have "/" filenames. And it is possible to rename files with "/" using Finder and other applications without error message. Retrospect should backup, verify and restore all valid files on any supported system. With version 6 it has been no problem as well.
  5. I have this bug in Beta 2 and in the final version: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/34333/post/new/#NEW When wil be the next patch version released?