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  1. Thanks Nate. Useful info, even if it's not entirely encouraging!
  2. I'm about to buy a new Power Mac G5. Will Retrospect back up reliably onto CD-RW using this machine? I have searched the compatibility list without success, and Apple's site does not specify which device is shipped with current G5 models. Is this a sensible backup strategy? Or should I buy (eg) a second hard drive to backup onto? Currently I use zip discs (just backing up a single machine). Thanks
  3. Driver = Teac CD-RW (5.01) Product = CD-W28E Version = 1.1A
  4. I just removed driver update 3.0.104, and instead used 2.9.102, and the drive worked fine. Has support for the drive been REMOVED in 3.0.104?
  5. Has support been withdrawn? The drive wasn't supported when I bought it, but then after a subsequent driver update it WAS supported. In fact, I had to upgrade to Retrospect 5 from an earlier version in order to use the driver update. What's happened here?
  6. I have a SmartDisc CD writer -- model FWCDRW-V8. It worked fine for moths and I have been using it to backup my Power Mac G4 (AGP graphics) onto CD-RW, using OS 9.1 and Retrospect 5.0.205. However, I have recently started getting an error: "content unrecognised". Sometimes the drive says the disc is unreadable and offers to format it. I have no problems using the drive to burn CDs using Toast. I have checked my system folder, and I have not installed any new extensions or control panels that might be causing a conflict. Nor have I installed any new hardware. Can anyone suggest a solution?