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    Backup OS X thru Dave from NT Server?

    Thanks for the reply but now have a new question... I can see the Mac (OS X) and the shared folder I want to backup but when I try to add the folder to Retrospect I get a network login window. I've entered just about every "connect as" and "password" combination we use on our machines but I can't seem to get the right one. I get, "error getting volume information". Do you have any idea what password Retrospect is asking for? Is it my OS X username and password or a Dave login password or...well I'm stumped.
  2. I just installed Workgroup Backup 5.6 on an NT server and am wondering if there is any way to backup an OS X workstation? I know that there's no OS X client available for download but the Mac is running Thursby's Dave networking software. Is anyone aware of problems backing up through Dave? Thanks.
  3. lightning

    Workgroup 5.6 install error on NT

    It was a bad installer disk. I downloaded the demo and the demo installer worked. ...there was much rejoicing.
  4. Hi, Just tried installing Workgroup 5.6 (CD) on my Win. NT 4 server and got the following application error: "setup.exe exception: access violation (0xc0000005), address: (0x00015000)" The event viewer log says, "product retrospect 5.6 - internal error 2737. CheckNT server, C:\temp\MSI18.tmp, f11" I once had a Retrospect Client on this machine but it has been uninstalled. I also checked the registry and did a search for anything "retro" but only found one Legacy entry for the client. I didn't delete it because I didn't think I had to. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!