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  1. Same issue here... Server is 10.4.2, I installed 6.1.126 and then get net retry errors when I try to configure any OSX clients regardless of client software version. OS9 and Windows clients work fine. Manually running the client update does not fix it. Forgetting and re-logging in an OSX client after manually updating the client does not fix it. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the client which then results in having to log the client in again as a new client does fix it. This will be a painful process on our 70+ OSX clients...
  2. We have been having having a similar problem trying to run retrospect as a backup server. I believe I have narrowed our problem down somewhat. Server: new G4 desktop, 512 meg memory, OSX 10.1.5 Retro 5.0.205 with the latest RDU, ASP Quantum DLT 4000 SCSI tape attached to Apple provided SCSI interface. Clients: All the latest OS9, OSX, and Win In today's instance: 1. backing up a client failed with a "unable to reserve client - not visible on network" error (-1028) 2. subsequent clients come up as "not responding" when polled. 3. When I quit the server and get into the Client Configuration list the clients are listed as "responding" in the client list, but when you try to do a "get info" on the client you get a "-1028 Client not responding" error. 4. I used the OSX Network utility to try to ping the clients and they respond fine. All other TCP communications (like telnet, web browser, etc. seem to work also). 5. I then tried to quit retrospect, the tape drive light flashed for a while then the server sat there with the spinning ball (I left it in that state for 20 min). 6. I switched to the process viewer and force the LaunchCFMApp associated with retrospect to quit. 7. Then I relaunched retrospect and went to the client config list. The clients were once again responsive to the "get info" command and to wiewing their configurations. 8. I restarted the backup server and it was off and running. If I don't use a backup server script but a direct scheduled backup script instead, the clients that happen to be powered on and not sleeping back up fine, but the backup server arrangement is a far easier way to get all of our 70+ clients covered.