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  1. Does Retrospect 8 make use of FSEVents in MacOS 10.5 the way that Time Machine does, to determine which files need to be backed up?
  2. No, we don't have PHD or NHD. It's just a stand-alone 500 MHz G4 iMac with a single volume on its original hard drive, and it has been that way since it was purchased some 5 or so years ago. The subvolume Users is just the /Users directory on that hard drive.
  3. OK, problem solved! I deleted the Users subvolume definition, and recreated it, and did a full backup of "All Files" to a new backup set. I backed up 1.3 GB just fine.
  4. No, I don't back up the full volume. Just the sub-volumes, and they do not overlap. David Wagner
  5. Another interesting piece of evidence: The client is a 5 or 6 year old iMac, with the drive set up as a single volume. I have four sub-volumes defined for this client in Retrospect: Applications = /Applications Library = /Library private = /private Users = /Users The problem only occurs for the Users sub-volume. The other sub-volumes have backed up OK. So I think a possible fix is to un-define the Users subvolume, and then recreate it. What do you think? By the way, where are the subvolume definitions stored? David Wagner
  6. I can try to post a screen shot of my selectors tomorrow. But my two most recent attempts just used "All Files", and still found no files to be copied.
  7. A quick follow-up. The backup was always done to a tape backup set written on a VXA-1 drive. I tried a new backup to a new tape and still got the message that "No files need to be copied" David Wagner
  8. I just discovered that a network Mac client has not had its User files backed up since March 9 2007. On the occasions that I have tried to back it up, the log reports that "No files need to be copied." This includes several attempts during the last week. The Mac is running MacOS X 10.4.11 and Retrospect Client 6_1_130. The client Mac is apparently suffering from hard drive problems; a replacement is available but I don't have a good recent backup of the user files. An attempt to use the Apple Migration assistant over the network failed with an error about the hard drive failure. I tried a restore using the latest snapshot and got nothing. A restore using the March 9 2007 snapshot is apparently succeeding, but without the newer files. I am running Retrospect Workgroup 6.1.138 with RDU on a MDD dual 1-GHz Powermac running OS X 10.4.11. Do I: 1) Try repairing the catalog? 2) Forget the Users subvolume and recreate it? 3) Forget the client and try a full backup? Thanks, David Wagner
  9. Based on my experience, stick with the DVD+R disks. I believe that format has better support for packet writing, which is what Retrospect does. The 8X vs 16x speed does not refer, as far as I know, to the speed at which packet-writing proceeds. Those speeds mainly apply to the speed at which the entire disk can be burned, as in when one uses Toast to burn the DVD. If you review Pioneer's specs for supported media, you will find that their 16X DVD burners will burn Verbatim 8X DVD+R media at 12X. At least that is the case for mine, which is a DVR-108 or 109. I do wish someone would explain whether there is any correlation between the published burn speed (8X, 12X, 16X, etc.) and packet-writing speed.
  10. I believe it is better to leave the EMC/Dantz-supplied selectors alone. Instead, build your own custom selector -- you could start by duplicating the Dantz-supplied "all except cache files" selector. Or you could construct a selector that starts by including all files selected by the "all except cache files" selector, and then add your own exclusions. That way, when Retrospect is updated, just maybe, the Dantz-supplied selector can be updated, yet you don't lose your own customizations.
  11. I just noticed that the DVR-109 is now qualified for use with Retrospect. Hurray!
  12. On the other hand, I just (a month ago) put together an external firewire burner with a Pioneer DVR-109 and a nice aluminum case for about $93 shipped, from Newegg.com. Check out dealmac.com. These things have become incredibly cheap. BTW I just noticed that the DVR-109 is now qualified for use with Retrospect! Hurray!
  13. To get a firewire VXA-1 recognized without rebooting: 1. Power up the VXA 2. After the blue led comes on, disconnect and reconnect the firewire cable for the VXA. 3. Start Retrospect.
  14. Let's say I'm shopping for a DVD burner to use with Retrospect. Is there anyway to know in advance how its speed with Retrospect will compare to another burner? Is there any relationship between the 16X, 8X rating and the packet writing speed? Will a 16X burner with 16X media write twice as fast as an 8X burner with 8X media?
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    Catalog Files

    In the Terminal, sudo -s ls -lR / > <filename> or sudo ls -lR / > <filename> The resulting file will be quite large. A typical OS X installation will have 150,000-300,000 files. ls -lR produces a line for every file. ?