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  1. I'd sure appreciate some help! I am trying to get my Retrospect to work on my totally up-to-date Win XP Tablet using a Maxtor One Touch II. The software came with it in 2005. I'm going thru a total rebuild of my system after a hard drive crash on my Motion LE1600 Tablet. Luckily I had a note that I'd stuck in with the CD telling me to that version 1.1 was released to support Microsoft .net 2.0. I'm pretty sure that I am running Microsoft .net 2.0 as I've seen that come across on my Microsoft Updates recently. Actually, I don't really even know how to determine that. ;-) I'm pretty sure that my Retrospect Express is v 1.0 and that somewhere along the line I'd bought v2.5 which the license code is written on my CD's pack. Can I have some help getting the OneTouch button to run Retrospect again? My preference at this point is actually to wipe the Maxtor D: drive clean as I don't want what is on there. I just want to make a clean start. If I go to the Retrospect Express HD program, the little Loading Retrospect HD Expresss, when it finally loads after a delay, it says: Updating Status . . . 0 Restore Points Available If I click on the Setup button, NOTHING ever happens. But I can explore the device in some other My Computer way and I see files and backups on it. I'm just OK with wiping them out since I'm all back to where I was already due to my tablet also being synced to our Dell desktop pc using Syncback SE