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  1. Thanks for the reply. I tried with chdksk but it doesn't work on a network device ( the restore area in on an IOMEGA NAS Storcenter ). I also forgot to specify that I'm using 2 disks on the Storcenter, with mirroring (so I suppose a disk problem should has been recovered).
  2. Hi, I'm using Express HD 2.5 on a XP SP3 client, with an IOMEGA Storcenter IX2. It has normally worked for 2 months with a weekly backup. Suddenly it failed a backup, and also forcing it manually it doesn't work. All the restore points are not visible anymore. Probably it happened after a crash of PC during a backup, but I hope that it is not enough to cause this situation ! This is the message error ( in italian, I hope it's clear in any case): "Backup normale in uso DirectBackup su 03/06/2010 10.22 Impossibile accedere al set di backup PCVALE3, errore -645 (file blocco danneggiato durante il salvataggio) 03/06/2010 10.22.26: Esecuzione incompleta " Can anyone help me ? Thanks