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  1. ah hah, thanks for making me realize this is the issue. Re-added the Win7 clients specifically as wired and they're back up to full speed. Curiously though, this wasn't an issue for the first few months the Win7 clients existed on the LAN. And I do have the wired NIC set to priority over wireless in the Win7 network advanced settings.. weird. Great to know, thanks! -JW
  2. Howdy, I have a simple Proactive script that backs up /My Documents and /Desktop on 15 workstations. These workstations are 80% Windows XP SP3 and 18% Windows 7 and 2% OS X. The Retrospect client on the PC's is 7.6.106. The server is Windows Server 2003 SP1 running Retrospect Single Server 7.7.325. This was all running fine until today -- suddenly, only the Windows 7 clients are showing a very slow connection to the server - both while a proactive backup is running and in the Backup Clients Database view --> Properties->General->Speed field. All 3 Win 7 clients are showing between 50 and 100 K Bytes/sec in the client properties view on the server. This speed is similar during a proactive backup - showing around 40-50 MB/min. Meanwhile my XP clients and the OS X machine remain at full speed - up to 400 MB/min, as usual. Any ideas?? I've rebooted the network switch (Dell 2724) and the server a few times, I've confirmed the priority slider is at 100% on at least one of the affected Win 7 clients, and I've even tried a fresh backup set, tho I'm pretty sure it's unrelated since the client slowdown is evident right there in the Configure --> Clients properties panels. Thanks in advance for any thoughts -- -Jeff